Sennheiser Hd58x vs Hd6xx: Which One Is Best Headset?

September 4, 2022
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Sennheiser HD58X vs HD6XX, which headphone is best? Which one should you buy between these two headsets? Both these two are high-performing and superb quality headphones in the market. Both the Sennheiser HD58X and HD6XX offer superior sound quality.

So, what set the Sennheiser HD58X and HD6XX apart from each other? While the Sennheiser HD6XX is more advanced in design and build, the Sennheiser HD58X ensures more accurate bass and treble. However, the Sennheiser HD58X is far more affordable than the HD6XX.

This article is going to discuss everything about these two impressive headsets. I’ll also highlight all the differences between these two headphones. So, continue reading this article if you are interested in these two but are concerned about which one you should go for.

SENNHEISER HD 599/ HD58X Headphone

The open-back Sennheiser HD 58X headphones are a fantastic set of headphones that are suitable for audiophiles as well as enthusiasts. All of the flaws are more than made up for by the lightweight construction, traditional open-back design, as well as sound quality. Their sound is warm and well-balanced, and the vocals and lead instruments are audible and distinct. This headset promises audiophile-level quality for movies, music, and more.

Sennheiser Hd58x Headphone

Design and Build Quality

The Sennheiser HD 599 headset has an exceptionally ergonomic design and incredible build. Although these headphones have been manufactured with plastic materials, they are highly durable and stable. The headband of this headset has been padded with premium quality leather. So, it will provide you with excellent comfortability. You can also adjust the headband to fit it comfortably. The Sennheiser HD599 is available in two color schemes.

Incredible Sound Quality

The overall sound quality of these headphones is really impressive. This headphone’s audio performance is highly engaging and smooth. Every note will be audible to you and communicate the music to you in an incredibly pure manner. The provided sound has a natural vibe and gives the listener a unique sense of warmth. This headset is ideal for those who wish to start along the path to becoming one.

Bass and Treble Accuracy

The Sennheiser HD599 delivers accurate bass. Mixes lack thud and rumble because they lack low bass. The sound has the perfect amount of body as well as warmth since the mid-bass area is neutral. Boominess is added when the high-bass range is overemphasized. Excellent treble precision may be found in the Sennheiser HD 599. In contrast to sibilants, including cymbals, the low to mid-treble responses are relatively neutral, making instruments sound clear and well-articulated.

Overall Performance

SENNHEISER HD58X Headphones are really a game-changer. From its design to the audio quality, this amazing headset performs excellently well. They fit pretty well and are wired in construction. With extraordinary bass and treble accuracy, the HD58X offers a neutral sound. The open-back construction gives them a very outstanding sound stage with such a broad and natural tone. Overall, this headset is too much fun to enjoy a great music streaming experience.

Key Features

Sennheiser Hd58x

Highlighted Features

  • The Sennheiser HD58X headset ensures great comfortability to use.
  • This headset ensures extraordinary bass, treble, and mid-accuracy.
  • The 50-ohm drivers make the HD58X easy to drive from any source.
  • The Sennheiser HD58X provides excellent frequency response consistency.


  • It comes with decent construction
  • This headset needs less amplification
  • Excellent bass and treble accuracy


  • This headphone has some lacking in quality.


The Sennheiser HD 660S or HD6XX is a high-performing flagship headphone on the market. They don’t stand out as much as some other versions of the same type, but they still have a classy, expensive appearance. They are highly comfortable enough for extended listening sessions and offer superb audio performance. This high-fidelity headset has been created to provide the best possible reproduction quality. Because of the open design, the sound is more clear and more spontaneous.


Ergonomic Build Quality

The Sennheiser HD 660S features a solid as well as lightweight design. In terms of design, it is very aesthetic as well as elegant. This plastic-made headset has matte fishing that makes it more eye-catching. The huge oval cups have a high-end appearance since they are cushioned with material that resembles microfiber. These cups are large enough and will fit in any ear size, and also provide excellent comfort.

Impressive Sound Quality

If you desire something like a neutral sound, this SENNHEISER HD660S headset is for you. Yes! The SENNHEISER HD660S offers a very neutral music outcome. Its soundstage is sufficiently big to allow you to distinguish between the instruments, giving them the space and separation they need to sound natural. The HD 660S’s imaging does seem to be a little deeper and broader, which will make streaming more enjoyable.

Bass and Treble Accuracy

We already said that the SENNHEISER HD660S Headphones provide a neutral audio performance. So, it ensures a good enough bass and treble accuracy. There are some lacking in low bass accuracy. However, this headset performs well in mid-bass. On the other hand, the high bass is overemphasized, which makes the overall sound a little muddy. The treble performance of the Sennheiser HD 660 S is excellent. Although they are relatively flat, the low- and mid-treble lack some brightness and brilliance.

Overall Performance

A technical marvel, the Sennheiser HD 660S headphones are one of the legendary headphones on the market. This headset comes with a unique as well as ergonomic design and ensures much more comfort. It is able to faithfully and transparently capture all the feelings and subtleties of music. The overall bass and treble accuracy are great, and it offers a neutral audio output. Even though the headset cannot passively reduce background noise, they give a great music experience.

Key Features

Sennheiser Hd6xx

Highlighted Features

  • It features a premium quality construction for great durability.
  • The large ear cups of these headphones ensure great stability.
  • The HD6XX headset performs excellently well in mid-accuracy.
  • This one lets the consumer enjoy balanced and neutral music.


  • Premium quality build offers durability
  • It features a customizable headband
  • It provides extraordinary sound quality


  • This headset is a bit more expensive than the HD58X.

Sennheiser HD58X vs HD6XX: Differences

While both the Sennheiser HD58X and HD6XX headphones have almost the same features and functionalities, there is also some difference between them. So, let’s take a look at the differences between Sennheiser HD58X vs HD6XX.

Build Quality and Durability

Both these two headsets feature a decent design and build quality. Both these two headphones come with a plastic build. However, in terms of durability, the HD6xx is much better than the HD58x. The metal headband frame of the HD6xx is excellently flexible and lets you customize it to fit perfectly. It includes detachable cables that are simple to repair and feel quite sturdy due to the use of plastic in their construction.


Headphone’s comfortability is one of the significant features that you should consider before investing in a new headphone. And this feature sets the Sennheiser HD58X and HD6XX headphones apart from each other. Yes! The Sennheiser HD58X beats the Sennheiser HD6XX in terms of the overall comfortability.

Sennheiser HD58X is much more breathable than the HD6XX. So, it will provide you with more comfort during use. The soft headband padding also ensures comfortable and lets it use all day long. So, if you think about the comfortability, Sennheiser HD58X is only for you.

Bass Accuracy

The bass accuracy is another most notable feature of each and every headphone. Although the Sennheiser HD58X is more affordable than HD6XX, it beats the HD6XX with bass accuracy. Both these two headsets ensure excellent bass accuracy. However, the HD58x performs far better in low bass than HD6XX.

The Sennheiser HD58x is distinguished by its superior midrange precision. The midrange and high-mids have a fairly neutral and well-balanced sound. Mixes become somewhat murky as a result of the peak in low-mid, which would be the continuation of emphasis placed in the high-bass area.

Treble Accuracy

The Sennheiser HD58X features exceptional treble precision in its sound reproduction. Sibilants such as cymbals and S as well as T sounds are prominent and bright, despite the fact that the low and also mid-treble reflexes are fairly neutral. As a result, the instruments are crisp and well-articulated.

On the other hand, both the low-treble and the mid-treble of the Sennheiser HD6xx have a relatively flat response. However, there is a depression in the middle, which causes the treble to have less brightness and brilliance than it otherwise would. This will be quite obvious in the voices as well as the lead instruments as well as the percussion.

Pricing Tag

These two headphones also have a difference in pricing. The Sennheiser HD58X headset is available at a more affordable price than the HD6XX. And there is a difference of about $50 between them. However, both these two headsets meet the best value for money. So, if you are looking for budget headphones, Sennheiser HD58X is the way to go through.

Sennheiser Hd58x vs Hd6xx: Which One Is Best Headset?

Now it is time to talk and define the best one between them. The HD58X does not need extra amplification to function, in contrast to the HD 6XX. As a consequence, the HD 58X is more efficient and consumes less electricity. Even though the HD 6XX requires a good amplifier, it sounds impressive apart from the driver impedance.

The audio is not choppy and smooth as the SENNHEISER HD 58X. All frequency levels, such as the low, peaks, and mids, can be handled by the HD 6XX. They are huge headphones with substantial elliptical padding that are not memory foam, and the HD 58X is somewhat more ergonomic and comfortable than the HD 6XX.

The HD 6XX is cozier and quieter than the HD 58X, which is more obtrusive and has jittery, sharp, loud, and clear sounds. With the SENNHEISER HD 6XX, you’ll feel a calming sensation spread throughout your body. On the other hand, the HD 58X enables you to instantly leap and groove.

Wrap Up

While both the Sennheiser HD58X and HD6XX headphones are fun and game-changer, you should make a perfect decision to get the best one for you. This Sennheiser HD58X vs HD6XX headphones discussion may help you to make the right decision. Both these two headsets are high-performing headphones and offer a superior music streaming experience.

If you are looking for an ergonomic and comfortable headset on a budget, Sennheiser HD58X may fulfill all your needs. Available at a budget-friendly cost, these headphones offer superior performance. However, if you desire something more advanced and high-end headset, then you should go for the Sennheiser HD6XX. It is a flagship headphone that offers impressive performance.

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