Flame Boss 400 vs 500: Which One Is the Best Smoker Controller

September 4, 2022
Flame Boss 400 vs 500
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Flame Boss 400 vs 500 which smoker controller is best to control temperature? Do you love to control the smoker’s temperature automatically? A smoker controller is a device that lets you control the smoker’s temperature in a more versatile way. By manually or automatically controlling the pit’s temperature, the chef can continuously check the temperature.

Most of the controller box comes with WiFire technology. That means you can also control the temperature through an application. This lets you control the smoker from your room. So, without the concern of maintaining the pit all night, you might spend more time conversing with your guests.

So, are you willing to invest in a smoker controller box? Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500 are two of the most versatile controller boxes on the present market. So, which one is best between these two? Continue reading this article to get the perfect idea about these two controller boxes.

Flame Boss 400 Review

The Flame Boss 400 is a budget smoker controller device that lets you control the temperature of the smoker or grill in an advanced manner. It adjusts airflow into the pit depending on temperature measurements from a sensor in the pit. This controller box is Wi-Fi enabled means you can control the smoker with a mobile application.

If you integrate this smoker controller with your smoker or charcoal grill, then you don’t have to stay beside your smoker to cook food. The Flame Boss mobile app allows you to control the smoker from your bedroom. It will Notifications you whenever the meat is done or if the pit is too hot or chilly. So, what makes this controller one of the editor’s choices?

Flame Boss 400

Wi-Fi and App

Flame Boss 400 is a WIFI-enabled smoker controller box. Yes! This controller box comes with WIFI technology and features a mobile application to control it. This application is available for both android and IOS operating systems. It interacts with the internet via the user’s home WIFI, making control features and readouts accessible anyplace with the internet. Once configured using the router’s SSID and password, the device will connect immediately.

Ease of Use

The Flame Boss, 400 controller boxes, is too much easy to use. We already said that this controller has Wi-Fi technology. So, you can control this controller through your mobile via an application. In fact, it has no built-in control panel, so the mobile application is only the way to get access to the control panel.

The device contains energy, a pit probe, as well as meat probe connectors. I’m done now! It’s pretty easy. Nothing else has buttons or controls; the app controls everything. Select the desired temperature and let it manage the airflow in the grill or the smoker. After then, it keeps it stable or adjusts the fan speed appropriately.


The Flame Boss 400 is an outstanding example of cutting-edge technological design. The controller and the fan are combined into a single device, which makes the process much easier to understand and manage. When combined with the battery pack, the blower delivers excellent performance, and the resulting system is very portable, flexible, and operable in a wide range of environments. The app is, for even the most part, on par with its counterpart.


  • It comes with a Unique as well as compact design
  • It has WIFI technology and a mobile application
  • This controller is simple to set up and easy to use


  • It doesn’t have any built-in control panel.

Flame Boss 500 Review

Flame Boss 500 is an advanced type of smoker controller on the market. In fact, it is an upgraded version of the Flame Boss 400 series, and it comes with a built-in control panel. The Flame Boss 500-Wi-Fi can retain or change the smoker’s temperature preciously. It enables you to be out and about while realizing that everything is going according to plan on the grill.

Since it has a built-in control panel, it is much easier to control. Also, the WIFI technology makes it more fun to use. It’s as simple as monitoring the app, making adjustments as needed, and delegating management of the situation to the Flame Boss. This device is for you if you like to set up your smoker and go to relax while cooking.

Flame Boss 500

Versatile Control Panel

One of the amazing features of the Flame Boss 500 controller box is that it comes with a control panel. It has been LED system, as well as the control panel is relatively more extensive, which makes it easy to use. Only numbers, characters, and sporadic punctuation are displayed on the 4 lines of the screen. But that’s all you’ll need to do to set up your smoker, keep an eye on it, and connect to a Wi-Fi router.

WIFI and Application

Using the smartphone app to monitor and manage your smoke session is an amazing advantage of the Flame Boss 500. This enables you to modify any controller settings, keep an eye on your cook, and more from anywhere using just your smartphone. Connect to the Wi-Fi network from any Android, iOS, or even windows device connected to the very same network to keep track of your progress.

Ease of Use

Flame Boss 500 is a user-friendly controller means it is straightforward to use. In fact, this one is a great controller box for both newbies as well as professional cookers. Installing the entire controller is rather simple. It even features a magnetic base, making it possible to position without any hassle. Additionally, the kit includes a comprehensive user manual that covers everything from WIFI setup to adaptor installation.


Flame Boss 500 is seriously a game-changer smoker controller box. Both Google Home as well as Amazon’s Alexa gadget, are compatible with the Flame Boss 500. Given that you don’t even need to stand up to use this device to access your phone, it makes for a wonderful choice if you want to build a smart home. Through voice control, the temp can be easily changed. After all, it really provides much more precious data.


  • It supports several meat probes at the same time
  • Excellent mobile application and web interface
  • This controller provides excellently precious data.


  • This smoker controller box is relatively expensive.

Flame Boss 400 vs 500: What Are the Differences?

Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500 are almost the same smoker controller box. In fact, the Flame Boss 500 is an upgraded version of the Flame Boss 400. There are a few differences between these two controllers. Now, let’s take a look at the difference between these two smoker controllers.

Design and Build

The first and foremost difference between Flame Boss 400 vs 500 is their design and build quality. Both these two smoker controllers come with the very same design and build quality with the same materials. However, in terms of size and weight, the Flame Boss 400 is much more compact as well as lightweight than Flame Boss 500.

Control Panel

The Control panel is one of the significant parts of each and every type of controller box. The Control panel makes a controller much easier to use. However, Flame Boss 400 doesn’t have any built-in control panel. It only lets you monitor things with a mobile application. So, it will provide you with less information about your cooking.

On the other hand, the Flame Boss 500 comes with a built-in control panel. Its control panel is too versatile and relatively larger, which makes it much easier to use. With this control panel, you can monitor 4 different information.

Price Tag

Price is another factor that sets these two smoker controllers apart from each other. Yes! These two smoker controller boxes have a huge difference in terms of pricing. The Flame Boss 400 is much cheaper than the Flame Boss 500. There is around a $130 price difference between these two. However, both these two controller boxes meet the value for money.

Flame Boss 400 vs 500: Which One Is Best?

While both these two controllers are excellent in functionalities, it depends on what you’re after. The Flame Boss 500 controller is the greatest option if you want total control and the best and the brightest. Just be aware that you won’t get it cheap. The Flame boss 400 should serve you well if you are looking for a budget smoker controller that can fulfill all your needs to prepare your favorite food easily. Take a perfect decision and make the perfect purchase.

Wrap Up

Flame Boss 400 vs 500, both are highly functional smoker controller boxes. Both of them come with several exclusive features. However, while the Flame boss 400 has no control panel, the flame boss 500 fulfills the demand for a control panel. If you are looking for a budget smoker controller, Flame Boss 400 is the way to go. However, if you are seeking an advanced controller, Flame Boss 500 is only for you.

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