Redcat Volcano vs Blackout: Which One Is Best?

December 31, 2022
Redcat Volcano vs Blackout
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Would you like to enjoy an off-road racetrack with a monster RC truck? Looking for the best budget-friendly monster RC truck with versatile performance? Redcat can help you to make your dream come true. YES! Redcare brings two of the best budget monster RC truck; Redcat Volcano EPX and Redcat Blackout XTE.

The Volcano EPX and Blackout XTE RC monster trucks are relatively affordable but offer impressive performance. They come with several advanced features like premium design, durable build, great control system, and much more. However, there are some differences between the Redcat Volcano vs Blackout. So, it will make you confused to choose one between them.

What is the difference between Volcano EPX and Blackout XTE RC trucks? There are differences in design, motor & speed, battery, and runtime as well between these two RC cars. They also differ from each other in terms of pricing. So, which one should you purchase? Continue reading this article, know the differences in details and then make the right decision.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Overview

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is a perfect RC truck for you if you are interested in a monster RC truck. It is a value-for-money RC car that offers an awe-inspiring racetrack experience. From design to performance, everything is superb in this Redcat RC truck. Although it is not the fastest RC car, it offers versatile performance to ensure an optimal experience.

Let’s move on to its design and build quality. The Redcat Racing Volcano EPX comes with conventional but durable construction. Its polycarbonate body is scratch-resistant, yet its beauty goes beyond the surface. This truck’s waterproof parts make it ideal for muddy off-road racing. It features durable metal shocks that ensure a stable ride.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

Moreover, this RC truck comes with relatively bigger tires, making it perfect for off-road driving. This Redcat Racing Volcano has been crafted with a 3300KV brushless motor that will provide up to 20 mph max speed. The battery will be disappointing because it can provide up to 10 min runtime. So, getting extra batteries for extended drives is a sensible move.

Although it isn’t the quickest RC truck, it is one of the most competent off-road RC trucks in this price range. It can handle off-road terrain rather well, leisurely bouncing over barriers that cause other versions to stop, slow down, or even overturn. Its independent suspension is perfectly balanced, and four-wheel drive is quite practical. Overall, it offers a really impressive performance.


  • It comes with durable and solid build quality
  • Offer superior control even at top speeds
  • It provides a realistic racetrack experience


  • This truck offers only 10 minutes of Runtime

Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Overview

Redcat Racing Blackout XTE is another popular budget monster RC truck available in the market. It is a cost-effective 1/10-scale RC truck with several advanced features, making it the editors’ choice. It is really a ready-to-race RC truck that provides really exceptional performances in off-road driving. If you are an off-road racetrack lover, you should try this RC truck.

Redcat Racing Blackout RC truck comes with a highly durable and solid design. Like the Volcano series, this Blackout series also comes with waterproof designs. The speed control and steering servo are all waterproof on this RC car. Since it is highly durable and waterproof, you can use this truck in any weather condition.

Redcat Racing Blackout XTE

This Redcat RC racing truck also features larger tires made of rubber, and they are highly durable. The Blackout has included a 3000 mAh battery which an operating duration of up to 20 minutes. It also has been crafted with a powerful motor that can provide up to 25 mph of maximum speed.

Let’s talk about the overall performance of this Redcat Racing RC truck, and this car will really impress you with its superior performance. You can drive this RC truck in any weather condition. You will also experience something like a realistic driving experience with this RC truck. Overall, it is a game-changing budget monster RC truck.


  • It offers exceptional acceleration and brake
  • It comes with a powerful motor and battery
  • It is affordable but offers impressive performance


  • It will take a longer time to recharge the battery

Redcat Volcano vs Blackout: Comparison

Explore this Redcat Volcano vs Blackout comparison; here, I’m going to highlight all the similarities and differences between these two monster RC trucks. It will help you understand which one is best for you.

Design and Build

When it comes to design and build quality, both the Redcat racing Blackout XTE and Volcano EPX will impress you. Both of them have a conventional yet modern design with a high-quality build. Each and every part of these trucks has been manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure great durability.

The Volcano has a high torque as well as a waterproof steering servo. Additionally, the Volcano’s general design is waterproof. The Blackout RC truck also includes a water-resistant speed control system that makes it possible to operate it regardless of the weather condition. Additionally, the steering servo of this Redcat RC truck is also waterproof.

Chassis and Tires

The chassis design has a major impact on the overall control and also terrain compatibility. Both two RC trucks come with durable and solid chassis designs. They also feature relatively high chassis that make them great for the off-road race while offering superior control over the truck.

The tires on the Volcano are big and aggressive. Because of the grooves in these extreme tires, you will have an exceptional grip on any surface. Rubber tires are the main component of Blackout. The rubber-made tires are pretty strong. Additionally, grooves might assist you in gaining adequate traction.

Maximum Speed

While the Volcano EPX and Blackout XTE are not the fastest truck on the market, both these two offer versatile speeds.  The volcano RC Truck has been crafted with a 19T brushed 550 electric motor. Additionally, the motor has an in-build heat sink as well. This car offers up to 20 mph of maximum speed.

On the other hand, the Redcat Blackout XTE RC truck has been crafted with a 16T brushed RC550 electric motor. This RC truck can provide up to 25 mph of maximum speed. It also offers advanced acceleration and brake. The Blackout beats the Volcano once more if you have to select an RC vehicle based on top speed.

Average Runtime

The Redcat Volcano RC car comes with a single lithium-ion battery. This RC vehicle is powered by a powerful 2200mAh battery. After fully charging the battery, it will provide you with around 10 minutes of runtime.

On the other hand, the Redcat Blackout is also crafted with a single NiMH battery. However, the battery on this car is more powerful, 3000 mAh. So, you will get around 20 minutes of runtime after fully charging the battery.

While battery and runtime are crucial things for RC trucks, you should consider these features seriously. The Blackout truck definitely outperforms the Redcat Volcano RC truck for this precise reason. The Redcat Blackout truck is unquestionably superior to the Volcano truck, given its twice runtime.


Now I’m going to talk about the most important thing; the pricing of these two units. I already clarified that both these two are cost-effective RC monster trucks available on the market. YES! Both of them are available at an affordable price. However, there are differences between them in terms of Pricing.

When it comes to pricing, the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE offers more advantages than the Redcat Volcano EPX RC Truck. The Blackout XTE is more affordable than Volcano EPX. In fact, there is around a $50 price difference between these two. And to the point, the Volcano EPX is not really worth this extra $50.

The FAQs

How fast is a Redcat Blackout XTE RC truck?

The Redcat Blackout XTE RC truck is relatively faster than the Redcat Volcano RC truck. This truck offers up to 25 mph of top speed. However, if you seek more top speed, then you can upgrade to the motor on this truck or opt for the Blackout XTE PRO version.

How big is the Redcat Volcano EPX RC Truck?

The Redcat Volcano EPX is a monster RC Truck. It has a bigger dimension and comes with durable and solid build quality. The Redcat Volcano EPX has dimensions of 15.75 inches x 12.25 inches x 7.5 inches.

Is the Redcat Volcano and Blackout waterproof?

The Volcano and Blackout RC trucks can traverse a variety of terrain with ease while many other RC vehicles struggle. The ESC, Receiver, as well as Servos on these trucks, are water-resistant and ideal for fun in the mud or on rainy days.

Wrap Up: Which one is Best?

So, now the question is which RC monster truck is the best between Redcat Volcano vs Blackout RC truck? According to this comparison, the Blackout XTE outperforms the Volcano EPX in every way. It comes with a more powerful motor, offers better top speed, comes with much more runtime as well as more affordable than the Volcano EPX series. So, I recommend you go for the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE RC Truck.

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