ARRMA Kraton vs Talion Rc Truck: Which One Is Best?

February 14, 2023
ARRMA Kraton vs Talion Rc Truck
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Monster RC trucks have been one of the popular parts of the RC vehicles industry. They add much more fun and ensure great racetrack experiences. If you are going to purchase a new Monster RC vehicle, you should choose one wisely. The choosing procedure might be pretty perplexing. So, which RC car should you choose between ARRMA Kraton vs Talion?

While both the Kraton and Talion are high-performing RC vehicles, they are not the same. Although they have some similarities, they have also differences based on features. Kraton is a monster RC truck that has been designed for off-road racetracks. Talion is a fast monster truck and is best for on-road driving.

Actually, both of them have some off-road and on-road versatility. Therefore, it’s challenging to decide between these two monsters. In this article, I’m going to highlight all the similarities and differences between these two monster RC trucks. So, this article is going to be helpful for you to choose the best one between them.

ARRMA Kraton 6s Rc Truck Overview

ARRMA Kraton 6S is one of the popular big sizes and superior performing RC Truck on the current market. Manufactured by ARRMA, one of the most popular RC car manufacturers, this RC truck comes with several advanced features and functions that make it the editors’ choice. Comes with a powerful motor and quality parts and offers impressive speed; this car is excellent for racetrack lovers.

Now let’s have a look at the design and the build quality of this RC car. The ARRMA Kraton 6S RC Truck comes with a modern design with superior build quality. The chassis has a solid and upgraded design that improved its strength significantly. All the other parts, like shocks and gears, have a solid build.

ARRMA Kraton 6S RC Truck

This ARRMA Kraton 1/8 6S RC truck comes with all-terrain tires that are bigger in size. So, you can also enjoy off-road racetrack with this truck well. It features the Spektrum Firma brushless motor with Firma 150A Smart ESC technology. The mixture produces amazing torque, acceleration, as well as speed. Heavy-duty gearbox and chassis parts made of aluminum and steel handle everything efficiently.

When it comes to the overall performance of this RC truck, it will never disappoint you. This bigger-size RC vehicle offers awe-inspiring performance. This truck provides superior top speed, around 60 mph, which is really impressive. Moreover, it ensures great control even at top speed. You can install a 4S or 6S LiPo Battery in this truck. All-terrain tires make it suitable for the racetrack in any condition.


  • It comes with a modern and durable build
  • Offer great handling at off-road racetrack
  • This truck offers 60 mph of maximum speed


  • Kraton RC truck is relatively expensive.

ARRMA Talion 6s Rc Truck Overview

ARRMA Talion 6S is one of the high-performing off-road RC Truggy available. Well! You may be confused with the word TRUGGY. Truggy is a highly efficient off-road racing vehicle that combines characteristics from two more traditional off-road racing vehicles; a truck and a buggy. This Talion 6S RC Truggy is fabulous and extremely funny to drive.

This ARRMA Talion 6S RC Truck comes with a solid and heavy-duty build quality. The svelte body has a unique EBX matte and also gloss effect industry-level finish. It completely blasts through difficult terrain with ease thanks to its big size. This Talion RC Truggy handles braking pebbles, rain ruts, as well as cupped-out whoops well.

ARRMA Talion 6S RC Truck

This Truggy has oil-filled, adjustable shocks that are placed on the aluminum front and also rear shock frames. These arms, along with the front as well as heavy-duty rear arms, allow for smoother off-road driving. The truck is simple to make high-speed passes, thanks to its reduced overall stance as well as modern Katar tires.

Although the ARRMA Talion RC Truggy has been designed to enjoy off-road racetracks, it also offers better performance in on-road driving. Although the AARMA Talion lacks handling off-road but offers superior control on-road. Moreover, it can provide up to 70 mph of top speed, which is really impressive and fun as well.


  • This truck has a durable and heavy-duty build
  • It offers up to 70 mph of maximum speed
  • It ensures excellent control at top-speed


  • This truck lacks handling in off-road driving.

Are the ARRMA Kraton and ARRMA Talion the Same?

No! Not Really. The AARMA Kraton is a monster truck that has been designed especially for off-road racetracks. AARMA Talion, on the other hand, is a high-speed monster truck that performs well on the on-road racetrack.

The AARMA Kraton series RC trucks are simply excellent as an off-road racetrack. Additionally, the original tires provide superb traction. On many sorts of surfaces, they offer adequate friction and also don’t appear to wear out too quickly.

The Talion is closer to the ground and has smaller tires. As a result, it performs well on roads and compacted mud but lags somewhat on loose dirt as well as playgrounds.

The stock gear, the rear spoilers, and other components vary considerably between these two AARMA RC series. However, Kraton and Talion have a related situation. So, let’s go on to the following part to explore the similarities and differences.

ARRMA Kraton vs Talion: Comparison

Confused about which RC vehicle is best for you between ARRMA Kraton vs Talion RC Truck? Explore this comparison, know the difference between them, and then make a perfect decision.

Design and Outlook

The design and appearance or outlook of an RC car matter a lot when it comes to choosing the best RC car. Many persons who are going to purchase a new RC vehicle consider this feature seriously. However, it’s impossible to determine which one looks better since they both appear fairly upscale.

YES! Both the ARRMA Kraton and Talion have impressive designs with exclusive appearances. However, the bodies of these RC trucks differ somewhat. Kraton has a higher body than Talion because of the thin shock absorber and larger wheels. Speed, handling, as well as durability are all impacted by this size variance.

Build Quality & Durability

Bashing is a “shot” even through dirt and hail when it comes to Kraton! Additionally, the footing for ARRMA is a robust anodized aluminum body. Because powerful brushless performance must be subsidized for stability. The Kraton also contains durable aluminum core shafts. In addition, crossbred chassis panel pods make it stronger.

The latest Talion, however, surpasses the previous model in quality. The most updated version’s broad sweeper configuration makes it able to bash considerably better. Initially brought in for off-road use, the vehicle. The latest upgrades let it operate flawlessly on on-road trails, though. Overall, the Talion version offers more durability.

Control and Handling

When it comes to handling and control, these two differ slightly. This is because of their surface compatibleness. Kraton offers great control and handling on off-road races, while the Talion lacks handling on off-road but offers superior control on on-road.

There are several zigzags and other obstacles on off-road tracks. The AARMA Kraton RC truck has a larger body, so it has greater control. Talion is also not a bad off-roading racetrack. However, Kraton is superior in this regard; Talion offers the best handling in on-road.

Tires and Servo

Talion’s wheels are narrower and smaller than Kraton’s. Kraton comes with larger and wider tires, gains a larger look, more endurance, and a competitive edge off-road. However, Talion has better maneuverability and control compared to the Kraton because of its smaller wheels. With a small body as well as wheels, backflips and also wheelies are also simpler.

The AARMA Kraton RC Truck has a 23-tooth servo, compared to the AARMA Talion’s 25-tooth servo. Because of this, the Talion RC Truggy is much more resistant to many circumstances than Kraton. Additionally, Talion’s servo is rather common, making it simpler to replace.

Top Speed

When it comes to top speed, the AARMA Talion outperforms the Kraton. While the AARMA Kraton offers up to 60 mph of maximum speed, the Talion offers 70+ mph of top speed. In addition to offer impressive speed, this truck also offers great control, even at top speed. So, if you are looking for a speed RC vehicle, you should consider AARMA Talion.

The FAQs

Can I install Kraton’s Body to Talion?

It is a frequently asked question, can I install Kraton’s body to Talion? No, Talion and Kraton’s bodies won’t fit on one another. Since the two vehicles’ shock designs are different, you can’t exchange their body. The Talion shock structures are closer compared to the ARRMA Kraton ones.

How fast is the AARMA Talion 6S?

The AARMA Talion is a high-performing monster RC truck that offers impressive speed. YES! This RC truck offers up to 70 mph of the maximum speed, which is really impressive. Not only that, but it also ensures better control and handling even at the top speed.

Is ARRMA Kraton worth it?

AARMA Kraton is one of the most popular off-road monster RC trucks. It comes with several advanced features like a durable build, excellent handling, and impressive speed, and it also offers great performance. So, it can say without any doubt that the ARRMA Kraton is really and truly worth it.

Wrap Up

So, now it is time to choose the best one between ARRMA Kraton vs Talion RC vehicles. You’ve probably decided which one you want after all of these comparisons. As you can see, neither of these species has a clear winner because both of them are best in their way!

The ARRMA Talion 6S RC Truck is a traveling demon, especially for on-road. Compared to Kraton, it is faster, more maneuverable, as well as more agile. The ARRMA Kraton, on the other hand, is a high-performer monster off-road RC truck. Extreme strength, longevity, and stability are all features that make it perfect for RC truck lovers.

Whichever one you choose, depending on your sport, is entirely up to you. However, if you want to modify something, I’d advise choosing Kraton. ARRMA Kraton can be upgraded to perform better. But if you are looking for an RC truck for an on-road racetrack that can provide superior speed, then you should go for ARRMA Talion.

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