Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum: Which One Is Best?

December 22, 2022
Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum
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Searching for a high-quality and high-speed RC truck that can offer outstanding performance? Don’t want to break the bank but get the best racetrack experience? The Traxxas slash ultimate and slash Platinum is two of the best RC truck that can cover everything you deserve. So, which one is best between Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum RC trucks?

These RC truck series come with an exclusive design with a premium-quality build and offer excellent durability. With a combination of superior top speed and a stable control system, these RC trucks ensure an excellent driving experience for beginners to professionals. On racetracks, they provide the highest speed, most accessible handling, and the best driving experience.

However, it will be a bit challenging for you to choose the best one between these two RC cars. In this article, I’m going to discuss all the similarities and differences between the Slash Ultimate and Slash Platinum versions. So, read this article to know the difference and determine which one is best for you.

Traxxas Slash Ultimate Overview

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate is budget friendly and one of the most famous RC trucks on the market. It is one of the most recognizable short-course RC trucks among RC enthusiasts. Comes with a conventional design and has exclusive build quality, this Traxxas RC truck offer really impressive performance making it one of the best editors’ choices.

When it comes to design, this RC truck has a premium and aesthetic look. On the very top of this, the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate has an exclusive design that will stick your eyes on it. Besides this, the Slash 4×4 Ultimate has a superior build and excellent durability. It will never be damaged even after the high jump because of its high durability.

Traxxas Slash Ultimate

This RC truck comes with low chassis that will ensure extra advanced control. It also has a Stability Management System that will help you easily control the car. You may view additional information about your Slash Ultimate via the Traxxas Link System directly from your smartphone. This truck also lets you upgrade several parts.

Additionally, this RC comes with high-end crawler shocks, which improve handling even off-road. This Traxxas Slash Ultimate is the most potent Slash model in terms of performance. The highest speed of this Traxxas Slash Ultimate RC truck is +60 mph. The 3S battery of the Ultimate can only provide 8 to 10 minutes of runtime. Overall, it is a great RC truck with superior performance in this budget range.


  • Comes with exclusive design and build
  • Excellent top speed and stable controlling
  • It offers three different speed settings


  • This RC truck offers relatively less runtime.

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Platinum Overview

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Platinum is a versatile RC truck that offers stunning performance to ensure a great driving experience. This RC vehicle may be wrecked, modified to drive on the road or even as a monster truck, raced both indoors and outdoors. This Traxxas RC truck is not only adaptable but also incredibly beginner-friendly.

Traxxas Slash Platinum has an aesthetic design with a premium-quality build. The price you pay is justified by the Platinum’s elegant appearance and excellent design. Because this RC truck is so sturdy, these Traxxas vehicles are renowned for being bash-friendly. It is exceptionally durable, allowing you to always customize the vehicle to your preferences.

Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platinum

With a 3500KV motor, this RC can reach speeds of up to 70–85 mph. You can dominate the racetrack with incredible speed. The Platinum RC has an integrated low-voltage safeguard that guards against overloads and keeps the electric controller safer. Whether it’s raining or even foggy outside, the waterproof electronics maintain the RV on the course.

However, it is really precisely a race-level RC vehicle. The kit components are adequate, and with a simple configuration of camber, roll centers, and tires, it drives passably. High-quality shocks enable it to provide more stability and better handling. Overall, on any terrain, it is one of the best RC Trucks for more challenging jumps and quicker lap times.


  • Comes with a durable and premium design
  • It offers a really impressive top speed
  • This RC truck offers excellent runtime


  • Some issues with control in top speed

Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum: Comparison

This Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum is going to discuss all the key similarities and differences between these two RC trucks. So, explore this comparison and know which one is best.

Design and Outlook

Both the Traxxas Slash Ultimate and the Slash Platinum will impress you with their design. YES! both these two RC trucks come with really impressive designs. Both these two Traxxas RC cars have a conventional yet aesthetic design that can catch anyone’s attention easily.

When it comes to appearance, Platinum is the undisputed champion. Although the Ultimate is a little more expensive, the Platinum has more attractive exteriors. Additionally, the Platinum RC has a translucent polycarbonate shell that is perfect for adding a customized touch. This Rc is at your side if you desire to alter the appearance.

Build quality and durability

Build quality is one of the most important things for each and every RC car, and you have to consider this thing seriously. Build quality has a significant impact on overall performance. However, both the Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Traxxas Slash Platinum come with excellent build quality with high-quality components.

Both these two RC truck from Traxxas comes with the solid and durable build quality. The main body part of these RC cars has been manufactured with a metal component that makes them highly durable. As a consequence, these Traxxas trucks are incredibly durable and have a long lifespan. Both of them have almost similar weights, and both of them are suitable for heavy driving.

Chassis and Upgradeability

Since the chassis serves as the RC’s foundation, choosing a durable chassis is preferable. The chassis of the Ultimate, as well as Platinum RC, are both made of metal. However, the Platinum RC Truck’s 106mm chassis is inferior to the Ultimate RC Truck’s 108mm chassis. As a consequence, the Platinum RC can experience problems with fast bumps.

In exchange, both these RC Trucks come with ample room for you to improve as necessary. So, you can upgrade several parts of these RC trucks to get great performance. Before upgrading, consider the weight and acceleration to retain peak speed.

Top Speed

The most crucial element for RC is speed, which determines its final performance. Most inexpensive RC trucks have rather poor speeds, but the Traxxas Slash RC series broke these restrictions. YES! These two Traxxas Slash RC trucks are really fast. The 3500KV brushless motor that powers the Traxxas Platinum RC has a top speed of 70 to 85 mph.

On the other hand, the Traxxas Ultimate RC Truck has a 3000KV brushless motor that has a speed range of 60 to 65 mph. However, the Ultimate RC car has three separate pace settings, including sport, race, as well as training. As a result, this RC is by your side as you learn to appreciate sporting events and racetracks.

Control System

In terms of control and handle system, both the Traxxas Ultimate and Platinum RC trucks provide almost the same performance. While both two RC cars have almost the same weight, each of these RCs can accelerate to the top speed. However, there are some differences between these two RC trucks in terms of the overall control system.

Traxxas Slash Platinum has aluminum GTR shocks with PTFE which can provide superior handling and more stability. The Traxxas Slash Ultimate RC truck has superior crawler shocks, which improve the handling even when the truck is off-road. So, if you want Traxxas Slash, you may choose it without worrying about handling it.


Runtime is another crucial feature for each and every RC vehicle. Runtime means how long you will be able to enjoy the racetrack from your RC car. More to clarify, an RC car with 10 min runtime means you can drive the car for up to 10 minutes after fully charging the battery. It indicates that runtime largely depends on the battery.

In terms of runtime, the platinum version outperforms the ultimate version. Traxxas Slash Ultimate comes with a 3S battery that will provide you with 8 to 10 minutes of runtime. On the other hand, the Traxxas Slash Platinum includes a 4s battery that will provide you with 10 to 15 minutes of runtime. So, if you want to enjoy a longer race, it is best to get the Platinum RC.

Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum: Which One Is Best?

So, now it is time to choose one RC car between Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum. Both the Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Traxxas Slash Platinum are really great RC trucks. Both of them offer really impressive performances to ensure a better racetrack experience. But when it comes to choosing one then you have to pick one wisely.

So, the question is, which one is best between these two RC cars and which one should you go for? According to this comparison, the platinum version comes with much more advanced features and functionalities than the Ultimate version. The Traxxas Slash Platinum has better speed, runtime as well as durability compared to the Traxxas Slash Ultimate version.

However, the slash ultimate version offers better control and handling than the slash platinum version. This RC truck can ensure great control even at fast speed. So, if you are looking for a pro-quality RC car, Traxxas slash ultimate is the best way to go through. On the other hand, the slash platinum is best for those who are looking for a budget-friendly RC car with versatile performance.

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