Sea Eagle 370 Pro vs Deluxe: Which One Is Best for You?

June 13, 2022
Sea Eagle 370 Pro vs Deluxe
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The Sea Eagle 370 series Kayak is one of the best kayak solutions for multiple persons or even family kayaking. The SE370 Pro and the SE370 deluxe are the two best kayaks by Sea Eagle. These two kayaks come with several exclusive features that make them one of the best kayaks on this market.

These two kayaks feature durable build quality and have good enough hold capacity. Both the Sea Eagle 370 Pro and 370 deluxe have included a couple of paddles, inflated seats, and a couple of skegs. Both these two kayas are able to provide you with the best kayaking experience.

So, which one is best Sea Eagle 370 pro vs Deluxe? Which one should you buy? Now, here in this article, we’ll go through all the details about these two kayaks. We also compare these two kayaks side by side to define which one is best. So, learn before investing by continue reading this article.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak

The sea eagle 370 pro is an impressive kayak for beginners and professionals of all ages. It is a compact and lightweight kayak that is easy to carry. It is a modern designed kayak that is the perfect solution for those who love water advancer. This Kayak is durable enough to hold multiple persons, and it can inflate quickly, up to 10 minutes.

sea eagle 370 pro

Durable Build Quality

Sea Eagle 370 Pro kayak comes with a unique design and has a premium quality build. This Kayak has been designed with premium PVC materials that make it much more durable. Not only this, this material will keep your Kayak safe from salty water as well as the sun. The puncture-resistant hull will keep the Kayak safe from licking.

Convenient Inflation

Using the manual pump supplied, anybody can quickly inflate the Sea Eagle 370. Onboard are three primary compartments. If you’re out on the water and one of the chambers loses air, you may swiftly travel back to shore utilizing the other compartments that are still intact. Inflating the Kayak takes around ten minutes, but a motorized pump may speed things up.

Hold Capacity

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro can easily carry two adults as well as a child, or two adults as well as a cooler/fishing gear. Even with that capacity, it only weighs 32 pounds. This thing fits easily into a small backpack and can be taken almost anywhere. It fits easily into a car trunk or a comparatively tiny hall closet when deflated.

Ideal Steering

This Kayak is ideal for novices who want to understand how to kayak. The two skegs on the Sea Eagle 370 make it considerably easier to track the boat in the water. Wind can be an issue, but that’s true of any inflatable kayak. The two skegs help to cut through the water as well as maintain speed during each paddle. Because it is so light, even children will have no trouble getting it started.

Overall Performance

Now it is time to talk about the overall performance of the sea eagle 370 pro kayak. The performance of this Kayak is relatively excellent and it is suitable for beginner and also expert kayakers. It is durable and also easy to inflate. The included two skirts make it easier to control the Kayak.


  • It comes with excellent durability
  • The easy and quick inflatable system
  • Suitable for beginner and expert


  • The paddles are not good quality
  • This Kayak has no included footrest

Who should buy it?

If you are seeking a kayak that is much more durable and can hold a good enough weight, then the SE370 Pro is one of the best ways to go.

Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe

The SE 370 deluxe is another best inflatable kayaks by Sea Eagle. Like the SE 370 PRO, this Kayak comes with a durable design and build. With excellent portability, good enough capacity, and easy and quicker inflation, it is an excellent Kayak solution. Overall, this Kayak ensures a better kayaking experience.

Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe

Better Design and Build

Design and build quality are among the most notable feature of this Kayak. This Kayak comes with a very durable build with premium quality materials. It features a unique as well as compact design. The Kayak is only 32 pounds in weight, an excellent portable kayak option on the market.

Excellent Weight Capacity

The extra durable build quality enables the Kayak to hold much more weight. The Sea Eagle 370 deluxe has up to 650 pounds of weight capacity, suitable for three persons. It includes two inflatable seats to sit a couple of people as well as extra storage to carry other things.

Portability and Inflation

Portability is one of the significant things that you should consider before investing in a new kayak. The SE370 deluxe has an excellent portable feature. It is only 32 pounds in weight means it is super easy to carry. The inflation system of this Kayak is straightforward as well as quicker. You can inflate the Kayak quickly with the in-built foot pump.

Suitable For Family

Since this Kayak features a durable design and build, it supports suitable enough weight. The weight capacity of this Kayak is around 650 pounds. That means this Kayak is suitable for three people, and it also has good enough space for three people. So, you and the other two members of your family enjoy the kayaking experience at the same time with this Kayak.

Overall Performance

The Sea Eagle 370 deluxe provides a versatile kayaking performance. With its premium design and durable construction, it is a perfect option for a fishing kayak. This Kayak has a couple of paddles and skegs for better control. With the excellent choice, this Kayak can hold up to 3 people.


  • It comes with a unique and durable build
  • It features an excellent weight capacity
  • Two inflated seats and a couple of paddles


  • It needs to improve the paddle quality.

Who should buy it?

This Kayak is one of the perfect solutions for those who are interested in fishing and looking for a budget fishing kayak.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro vs Deluxe: Comparison

Now it is high time to compare these two kayaks to identify which one is suitable for you. Both of these two SEA EAGLE kayaks come with durable and long-lasting build quality. Both the SE 370 pro and SE 370 deluxe have easy and quicker inflation capability as well as they offer an upper kayaking experience.

However, there are some dedicated features in both these two kayaks that set them apart from each other. So, which features set them apart from each other? The SEA EAGLE 370 kayak comes with a bit higher weight capacity than the SE 370 deluxe.

Both the SE370 pro and SE370 deluxe have a couple of inflatables, and removable seat, two paddles, as well as 2 included skegs. Both these two kayaks are easily portable and carry anywhere you go. These two Sea Eagle kayaks feature good storage options; however, the Sea Eagle Pro is a bit advanced in terms of storage. Overall, both these two kayaks are good options for kayaking.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro vs Deluxe: Which One Is Best?

Now you may ask which one is the best Kayak between these two. We already said that both the SE370 pro and SE370 Deluxe are ideal kayak solutions for beginners and also expert kayakers. Both these two kayaks have excellent features; the Sea Eagle Pro has some advanced features over the Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe.

If you are looking for a durable as well as more weight capacity, Sea Eagle 370 Pro is able to fulfill all your needs. If you are more interested in fishing and seeking a fishing kayak, Sea Eagle 370 deluxe will offer you better performance than the PRO. And the last thing, if you think about the cost, the SE370 deluxe is a more cost-effective kayak solution.

Wrap up

If you are looking for a uniquely designed and durable kayak, then Sea Eagle kayaks, especially SE370 Pro and SE370 Deluxe, are one of the best ways to go. Both these two kayaks feature a durable build quality and have a good weight capacity. This article may help you if you are willing to know which one is the best Sea Eagle 370 pro vs Deluxe.

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