Perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12: Which Kayak Is Best for You?

June 15, 2022
Perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12
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While the market is full of fishing, purchasing a durable as well as reliable fishing kayak will be challenging for you. In terms of a fishing kayak, the kayak needs to have excellent durability, great stability, and better tracking and control. However, it will be challenging for you to get a kayak with all these features.

Do you know the Perception Pescador series’ kayaks come with all these features? Yes! Perception Pescador Pro 10 and 12 are the two best fishing kayaks that come with everything you need from a fishing kayak. From durability to performance, these two kayaks have no shortage.

Do you know what the difference is between perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12? Are you willing to know which kayak is best for you and which one will provide you with the best fishing performance? Continue reading this article to learn everything about these two best fishing kayaks.

Perception Pescador Pro 10

Are you seeking an advanced fishing kayak? Perception Pescador Pro 10 has been designed for those who are interested in fishing in the lake and looking for a new kayak. From durability to the onboard features, this kayak is one of the great contenders among the best fishing kayaks.

Perception Pescador Pro 10

Fishing Friendly Design

The design of this kayak is one of its notable features. This kayak comes with an extra-wide hull design with much more durability. This kind of design provides you extra balance no matter from which position you are kayaking. All the materials that are used to manufacture this kayak are premium in quality as well as lightweight. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Better Onboard Storage

Another key feature of this Perception kayak is its onboard storage. The kayak comes with a good enough onboard storage option. It comes with secure storage to keep your cooler as well as other fishing equipment safe. It also includes a rod holder that makes it one of the best fishing kayak solutions.

High-Quality Paddles

Perception Pescador Pro 10 series kayaks come with the Pescador paddles. The Pescador paddles are of high quality as well as excellent sturdy paddles in the market. This type of paddle is suitable for any kayak, including fishing kayaks. This paddle will ensure much more control over your kayak.

Excellent Transportation System

The transportation system is one of the significant aspects that you should consider before investing in a new kayak. Fortunately, this Perception Pescador Pro 10 comes with an excellent transportation system. Since this kayak has been manufactured with lightweight materials, it is easy to transport. It includes carrying handles that make it super easy to carry.

Perfect Seat

Perception Pescador Pro 10 features a sit-on-top seat design. This kayak includes a professional quality and stadium-style seat. The seat is highly durable as well as comfortable, making it a suitable place to sit all day long. It also has enough sitting space for large persons. This seat also features to flexible option to adjust the seat according to your comfortless.


  • Lightweight yet Durable build quality
  • Comes with perfect onboard storage
  • The seat of this kayak is highly comfortable


  • It does not have enough onboard dry storage.

Who Should Buy It?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly fishing kayak that will ensure you maximum fishing performance, then this kayak is for you.

Perception Pescador Pro 12

Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a high-end fishing kayak available on the market. This kayak comes with a more durable construction and has more weight capacity than the Pro 10 model. If you are looking for a stable as well as a reliable fishing kayak, Perception Pescador Pro 12 is an ideal way to go through.

Perception Pescador Pro 12

Top-Notch Design

The Pro 12 by Perception Pescador features a sit-on-top design. The more expansive cockpit of this kayak makes it easy to get in as well as out. The Pescador Pro 12 has been designed from durable polyethylene materials. This gives the kayak sturdier as well as long-lasting capability. To make it more durable, Perception adds a skid plate to this kayak.

Decent Speed

This Perception kayak comes with a narrower design than other kayaks on the market. With tapped and smooth hull, this kind of design maximizes the speed. Yes! The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is able to provide you with a decent fastest speed. If your target fishing zone is a bit far from the lake end, it will save you valuable time.

Comfortable Seat

Perception, since the start of their journey, deeply focused on the kayak seat. The Pro 12 comes with a stadium-style seat that has a mesh bottom as well as a back. So, it is highly breathable as well as comfortable to sit in all day long. The adjustable feature of this seat lets you adjust the seat according to your needs.

Stability and Tracking

Stability is one of the important things for each and every type of fishing kayak. The Perception Pescador comes with the stability that kayakers would expect from a fishing kayak. It also has a good enough weight capacity, around 375 pounds. The long keel of this kayak is the perfect solution to keep your kayak on the perfect track in any situation.


  • It has a unique design and durable build
  • It has several customization options
  • It ensures excellent stability and tracking


  • It is bulkier and more challenging to transport.

Who Should Buy It?

This kayak is the best option for those who are seeking a kayak for fishing, as well as a more extended tour with excellent tracking and control.

Perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12: Comparison

Both the Perception Pescador pro 10 and pro 12 are high-quality kayaks. These two kayaks have been designed for fishing, and they come with everything that a high-end fishing kayak needs. From durability to performance, you will get everything in these kayaks. However, there are some key things that set these two apart from each other.

The first and foremost thing you may notice is the length of these two kayaks. The Pescador Pro 12 is around 2 inches longer than the Pro 10. The Pro 12 has much more weight capacity than the Pro 10. While the pro 10 comes with 325 pounds weight capacity, the Pro 12 offers 375 pounds of weight capacity. The Pro 12 also comes with bigger tank wells than the Pro 10 kayak.

Perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12: Which One Is Best?

Now you may ask which one is best between perception Pescador pro 10 vs 12. Both these two kayaks are almost the same in terms of features and functionalities. However, the Pescador pro 12 is a bit bigger than the Pro 10 in terms of overall dimension. The Pescador Pro 12 can also hold much more weight than the Pro 12.  

If you are a heavy person and looking for a durable fishing kayak, then the Perception Pescador Pro 12 is the ideal way to go. This high-end fishing kayak also offers you more stability as well as control over the kayak. This kayak is also the best option for longer kayaking. If you don’t need these things, you can go for the Pescador Pro 10; it will provide you with everything you need.

Wrap Up

While fishing kayaks should be more durable and have excellent control as well as excellent holding capacity, the Pescador Pro 10 and 12 have everything you may expect from a fishing kayak. According to this review, we can say that these two are one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market.

Both these kayaks have excellent durability and offer great stability and control as well. If you are a bit concerned about which one is better and which one you should buy between Perception Pescador Pro 10 vs 12, then this article may help you. So, it is really high time to make the perfect decision and enjoy!

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