Focal Elex vs Clear: Which One Is the Best Headset?

October 18, 2022
Focal Elex vs Clear
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Both the Focal Elex and Focal Clear are better-performing headphones on the market. Both of them have great audio quality with better bass and treble accuracy. Both these two headsets ensure a better audio streaming experience for consumers. So, what is the difference between Focal Elex vs clear, and which one should you buy?

Although the Focal Clear and Focal Elex are very similar headsets, they have several differences. While both these two have excellent design and durable build, the Focal Clear comes with more advanced build quality than Focal Elex, as well as ensuring more comfortability. Focal Clear also offers much improved audio quality and ensures exclusive music streaming performance.

However, the Focal Elex is upper than the Focal Clear when it comes to meeting the value for money. I’m going to explore all the key differences between Focal Elex vs Clear in this article. So, continue reading this article and make a perfect choice.

Focal Elex Headphone Overview

The focal Elex headsets are collaboration gadgets between Focal and Drop. It is a mid-budget headphone in the focal product line that performs excellently. The Elex headsets employ dynamic drivers in a way that is significantly different from other headphones on the market. From design to audio outcomes, this Headset is really a budget killer.

This open-back comes with a very impressive build quality. Whereas it features a simple design, it also has a durable and long-lasting construction. The headband is generously cushioned and covered in incredibly soft leather, while the frame is made of premium steel. You can use this Headset comfortably for a long time thanks to the ear cups’ rotation and length adjustments.

Focal Elex Headphone

The suede foam pads of this headphone have good breathability to ensure more comfort. The overall design and build quality of this Headset is really aesthetic. Not only the design but also its audio performance also stunning. YES! The Elex really shines when it comes to sound quality. These headphones offer a tremendously sound that surrounds your head in all directions.

Focal Elex Headphones have good bass accuracy and ensure an ultra-smooth mid-range. The treble accuracy of this headphone is also prominent. Overall, the audio signature of this Headset is uncolored as well as neutral. However, like other open-back headphones, it also has lacked in noise cancellation as well as it leaks a lot of sound.

Key Features

Focal Elex

Highlighted Features

  • This Headset has a simple but elegant design with a durable build
  • This Headset has a simple but elegant design with a durable build
  • The ear cups offer excellent breathability and also comfortability
  • It provides exclusive audio quality with better bass, mid and treble


  • Durable and comfortable build quality
  • Offer exclusive audio performance
  • It ensures the best value for money


  • This headphone lacks in noise cancellation.

Overall Takes

The Focal Elex is an excellent headset that offers better audio performance. It comes with an exclusive design, durable and long-lasting build, and ensures good enough comfortability. It offers relatively neutral audio performance with balanced bass, mid and treble. If you’re looking for a mid-budget Focal headset, Elex is the way to go through.

Focal Clear Headphone Overview

The Focal Clear headphones are top-notch quality and high-performing headphones available on the market. Its exclusive design, high-quality build, and extraordinary sound performance make it one of the popular flagship headphones. This open-back Headset features a stunning build with the added latest functionalities to deliver impressive music streaming performance.

The Clear has a robust construction. It comprises an aluminum body, a leather headband with vents, and perforated memory foam cushions for breathability. It allows for a better fit when wearing these focal headphones. In order to reduce the amount of time you spend adjusting the headphones, the cups themselves include a highly innovative spring mechanism that moulds them into position.

Focal Clear Headphone

When it comes to audio quality, the Focal Clear Headphone offers a neutral sound. This Headset features excellently balanced bass and treble that makes the sound much crisper. The lead instruments, as well as vocals, are all accurately produced by this headphone. While the treble might fluctuate based on fit as well as seal, the bass is always delivered consistently.

However, its underemphasized treble spectrum obscures and darkens sibilants, and they are a little lacking in low-bass. Since it features an open-back design, it does not perform well I’m terms of noise cancellation and sound leakage. This Headset comes with an ergonomic and durable casing that makes it easy to carry.

Key Features

Focal Clear

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic and eye-catching design and build quality
  • Offer excellent ventilation and comfort to use longer time
  • This Headset offers neutral and balanced sound quality
  • Focal Clear ensures stunning distortion performance


  • Advanced design and high-end build
  • It offers impressive audio performance
  • It includes a durable and elegant carry case


  • This Headset is highly expensive.

Overall Takes

The Focal Clear is a flagship as well as high-performing open-back Headphones. It is a more attractive and musical pair of headsets with excellent performance. The Clear produces a fine-tuned and elegant sound that can compete with the greatest high-end headsets on the market. It offers neutral and balanced audio quality with great bass and treble range. If you are seeking high-end headphones, this one will be the best option for you.

Focal Elex vs Clear: Key Comparison

Although the Focal Clear and Focal Elex headsets are fairly similar, they differ in a number of ways. This Focal Elex vs Clear comparison is going to identify all the key differences between these two headphones. So, let’s explore this comparison between these two Focal headphones.

Design and Build quality

Both the Focal Elex and Focal Clear headsets feature premium quality build. Both these two headphones come with a simple yet aesthetic design that can catch anyone’s attention. Both these two have been manufactured with a premium quality metal frame as well as high-quality plastic materials and have leather padded.

However, Focal Clear outshines Focal Elex when it comes to design and builds quality. YES! Focal Clear headphones come with more advanced build quality than Elex headsets. With silver hexagonal grilles on earcups as well as a chestnut accent, they offer a striking mixed metal construction. The removable audio wires have a rubber silicone-like surface and also have a solid feel to them.

Durability and Comfortability

Product durability, as well as comfortability, are two major things that you should consider before investing in a new headphone. The headphones that come with a durable and sturdy design will last longer. On the other hand, if your Headset has excellent comfortability, you will be able to use it continuously longer time.

Both these Focal Elex and Focal Clear headphones have excellent durability since they have been manufactured with premium quality materials. So, you can expect a long-lasting feature from them. But when it comes to comfortability, Focal clear performs better than Focal Elex headsets.

The Focal Clear series are well-designed headsets that offer excellent comfortability. It comes with relatively bigger earcups than the Focal Elex series to ensure broad fittings. The earcups have been padded with soft and smooth suede leather that has a great ventilation system. The headband also has excellently padded and provides a comfortable touch over your head.

Sound Quality

Both the Focal Elex and Focal Clear sound remarkably similar in many respects, but they also offer little variations that give each Headset its own personality. The tuning makes the biggest impact. Despite being tightly tuned, the Focal Elex will pull your emphasis to the frequency response’s upper half.

On the other hand, the Clear will concentrate your attention on the bass accuracy as well as lower mid-range. While the Elex highlights a track’s main themes, the Clear will encourage you to pay attention to the intricacies in the background. However, The Focal Clear is my winner in terms of overall sound quality.


Price is another thing that sets these two headsets apart from each other. Although there is not much difference between these two headphones in other aspects, there is a big difference in their prices. In fact, the Focal Clear is available at double price than the price of the Focal Elex. However, both of them offer better value for money.

Wrap Up: Which one should you buy?

So, now it is time to take the final decision. Which headphones should you buy between Focal Elex vs Clear? Both these two are premium quality and high-performing headphones on the market. Both the Focal Elex and Focal Clear headphones feature stunning build quality, great comfortability, and exclusive audio performance.

However, if we look at this side-by-side comparison between these two headsets, we can easily understand that the focal clear outperforms the Elex headphones. From design to audio performance, everything is advanced in quality in the Focal Clear headphones than focal Elex. They offer a far better music streaming experience than Elex.

But a strong appeal going against the Focal Clear headphones is their high pricing tag. The pricing tag of Focal clear is higher than focal Elex; in fact, it is almost double. So, the question remains as to how much Focal clear will be worth for the added price. But to be expected both these two will ensure the best value for money.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-end headset that can provide you with the maximum audio streaming experience, the Focal Clear is the best way to go. On the other hand, the Focal Elex is the best option for you if you are seeking a mid-range headphone that can provide you with better performance.

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