AKG K702 vs K712: Best AKG Pro Audio Headphones

October 16, 2022
AKG K702 vs K712
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Are you confused about which headset you should buy between AKG K702 vs K712? AKG headphones are one of the best headset solutions for critical and neutral listening. AKG K702 and AKG K712 are two of the best headphones by AKG Pro Audio that offer versatile performance at an affordable price. From design to audio performance, everything will amaze you.

So, what are the differences between AKG K702 and AKG K712 headsets? The first and foremost difference between these two is in their build quality. AKG K712 features a more advanced build than AKG K702. While both these two AKG headsets offer better sound performance, there are also differences in sound quality between these two open-back headsets.

Another difference is in their pricing. In fact, this AKG K702 model is more affordable than the AKG K712 model; however, both these two offer the best value for money. So, which one should you buy between these two headphones? Continue reading this article to get a clear idea that will help you make a perfect decision.

AKG Pro Audio K702 Overview

The AKG Pro Audio K702 is one of the best budget open-back over-ear headphones on the market. The headphones are excellent as well as comfy for serious listening but are just fair for casual usages. Although it is a budget headset, it offers really excellent performance to ensure a maximum audio streaming experience for the users.

The AKG Pro Audio K702 headset comes with a simple but decent design. It comes with an open-back design with a durable and long-lasting build. This pair of headphones comes with a combinational construction of premium quality plastic and metal material. The overall build is really excellent and makes it durable and lightweight.

AKG Pro Audio K702

The AKG K702 headphones offer excellent comfort. With an incredibly soft and light design, it provides long-wearing comfort. Additionally, it enhances your using pleasure. Velour memory foam covers the ear pads, which will ensure good breathability. These generously sized, well-padded ear cups comfortably suit most ear sizes. There isn’t much pressure from the headband. The majority of users can fit comfortably in it.

The sound produced by the AKG K702 headphones is extraordinarily neutral and well-balanced. This headset is excellent for studio monitoring as well as mastering because of its high-quality surround sound. Never do the sounds become overly damaging or thin. Music lovers claim that this headset can deliver the perfect harmony between resolution as well as smoothness.

The AKG Pro Audio K702 headphones offer relatively good bass accuracy; however, their mid-range accuracy is really superb. But the treble accuracy of this headset is a bit flimsy. Like other open-back headsets, this headset can’t isolate noise as well as it also leaks a lot of sounds. Overall, this AKG headphone is an excellent gadget for neutral listening.


  • Affordable yet rich in overall quality
  • Great bass and mid-range accuracy
  • Offer excellent streaming experience


  • This headphone lacks noise isolation.

AKG Pro Audio K712 Overview

Are you looking for a versatile, performing over-ear headset without breaking the bank? AKG Pro Audio K712 is the best way to go through that offers exclusive performance. It is a premium-quality headphone that delivers excellent performance and is best for neutral listening. From build quality to audio performance, this AKG over-ear headset will really impress users.

The AKG Pro Audio K712 headphone comes with a decent design with a premium build. This headphone comes with a unique design. All of the crucial mechanical components are made of either sturdy plastic as well as metal. Since it is made of leather, the headband shouldn’t deteriorate too quickly. Earpads have a plush-like fabric covering and are comprised of firm foam.

AKG Pro Audio K712

However, this version of the AKG headset is bulkier than other AKG headphones line. These headphones are really comfy. Your head won’t feel too much pressure from the headband’s design. Although most people can comfortably fit the larger ear cups over their ears, some users might find them a touch too big. Although they provide a comfortable streaming experience, not everyone will appreciate their hefty design.

This headset has an accurate and pleasing sound quality that is rich as well as detailed. They offer a relaxing listening experience together with rich sonic quality and a roomy soundstage. It can replicate the music’s nuances and details with exceptional clarity and accuracy. It nearly seems like you are seeing a concert in an actual symphony hall.

Additionally, they feature an open-back construction, which provides them with a comprehensive, roomy soundstage. The sound characteristic of the headphones is balanced and expansive. However, this headphone lacks noise cancellation since it comes with an open-back design. Overall, it is an excellent headset for neutral listening.


  • Excellent in quality and durability
  • Rich and Detailed sound profile
  • Exceptional clarity and accuracy


  • This model is relatively expensive.

AKG K702 vs K712: Comparison

In this AKG K702 vs K712 comparison, I’ll discuss all the similarities and differences between these two AKG headsets in detail. So, explore this comparison to know the differences between these two.

Design and Build

When it comes to design and build quality, both the AKG K702 and AKG K712 perform identically. Both these two headsets come with almost the same design. From the overall dimension to weight, all are the same in these two AKG headphones. In simple words, the design of the AKG K702 and AKG K712 headphones are all the same; the only change is in the headband color.

Not only the design but the build quality of these two headsets is also the same. Both these two AKG headphones come with decent build quality. Both the K702 and K712 headphones have been manufactured with a combination of premium-quality metal and plastic materials. This type of build makes them durable and long-lasting; however, they are a bit bulkier.


Comfortability is one of the significant features that you should consider before investing in a headset. If your headphone is not comfortable, you cannot use them for a longer time and will feel bored. Both these two headsets come with bigger ear cups that will fit suitable to any ear size. They also have an adjustable headband to ensure secure fittings.

However, The K712 model boasts incredibly plush velour pads packed with memory foam and a smooth, comfy headband made of genuine leather. In contrast, the K702 includes basic pads of lower quality and a stiffer, less comfortable headband constructed of a synthetic material that resembles leather. Consequently, it should be emphasized that their increased price is justified by their comfort and technical design.

Sound Quality

The AKG K702 headphones have reference-quality audio. They are immaculate, balanced, smooth, and hardly heated. The fact that these headsets have an open back and a vast soundstage is the main distinction between them and the majority of other sets. Additionally, the various segments of the music give the impression that they emanate from several locations inside the same space.

The AKG K712 has a stage that is wider and more natural sounding than others, and also, it is not lacking in staging. This provides a lot more natural as well as an open stage in regard to musicality, which, in my opinion, sounds correct. They do not produce a reverberant, Spacey, or disorienting tone, but they have a relatively open sound.

So, which one is better between AKG K702 vs K712, in terms of sound quality? The AKG K712 offers more fantastic peak/dips, treble precision, and stability of sound. AKG K702 features superior imaging, sound staging, mid-accuracy, and bass accuracy in contrast. They are designed for attentive listening. Simply to say, both these headphones offer excellent sound performance for their value.


Both these two headphones are wired headphones and have no Bluetooth system. Using your headsets to play media through a connected connection, whether conventional or USB, is referred to as “wired use.” The kind of connection, as well as the available adapters, determine the degree of wired interoperability.

Both these two headsets feature premium quality removable cables for connection. However, the K712 comes with a couple of cables, while the K702 comes with one. The cable quality of AKG K712 is also better than AKG K702. Since the AKG K712 comes with 2 cables, it will provide you with more versatile useability.


Pricing is the last thing that sets these two AKG Pro Audio headphones apart from each other. Both the AKG K702 and AKG K712 headphones are available at relatively affordable prices than the competitors. However, the AKG Pro Audio K702 headphones give more advantages than K712 model in terms of pricing.

The AKG Pro Audio K702 headphone is a more inexpensive option than the AKG Pro Audio K712 model. There is almost a $60 price difference between these two headsets. The overall build quality and audio performance make the AKG Pro Audio K712 model a bit expensive. However, these two headsets offer the best value for money without any doubt.

Wrap Up: Which One is Best?

So, now the question is, which one should you go for between AKG K702 vs K712 headphones? The AKG Pro Audio K702 and AKG Pro Audio K712 are both excellent headphones. Both these two AKG headphones are really fabulous in quality, durability, and comfort, as well as offer versatile audio performance to users.

However, when it comes to selecting one from multiple, then you should choose the perfect one from them. So, you have to choose a headset between these two wisely. While both these two headsets come with almost identical designs, the build quality of AKG Pro Audio K712 is far better than AKG K702 model. AKG Pro Audio K712 features more premium leather construction.

On the other hand, the AKG Pro Audio K702 outperforms the AKG Pro Audio K712 headphones in terms of overall sound quality. The AKG K702 comes with more advanced Bass and Mid-range accuracy than the AKG K712 model. However, the K712 has better treble accuracy than K702. But the overall sound quality of K702 is relatively better than K712. In reducing audio leakage, the AKG K712 performs well than the AKG K702 model.

However, these two headphones have a significant difference in pricing. I don’t know why the AKG K712 model is around $60 more expensive than the AKG K702 model. Only for advanced build quality? If it is true, then it is a total waste of money. Considering the price tag, the AKG K702 model is the best way to go through. However, if you prefer to build quality and comfort and have no budget problems, then you can go for K712.

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