Traeger Ironwood vs Pro: Which Series Should You Go?

July 6, 2022
Traeger Ironwood vs Pro
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Are you interested in hardwood pellet grills? Several reputed companies manufacture high-quality pellet grills on the market. Traeger is one of the considerable brands among them, and Ironwood and Pro series grills are one of their reputed pellet grills series. However, if you are familiar with and interested in these two series, then you may ask which series is better between Traeger Ironwood vs Pro.

Both these grills have a strong structure and are built of top-notch materials. Before selecting your choice, you need to be aware of a few significant distinctions. The grill that best meets your demands must be chosen. Examining a number of their features and capabilities is the best method to contrast the Ironwood and Pro grills.

I am here to discuss these two series of pellet grills in detail. I’ll go through all the similarities as well as differences between these two series. So, take a cup of tea, stay with me, and continue reading this article if you are interested in Traeger pellet grills.

Traeger Ironwood Series Overview

The newest product range offered by Traeger is called Ironwood. It was introduced in 2020, and it provides a few more features in comparison to the Pro series that came before it. The most striking distinction is the incorporation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. It will enable you to command your grill from your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

A sensor, a pellet filtration technology, and a grease system management are all among the additional additions to this model. The Ironwood series comes in two different sizes, the 885 square inches, and the 650 square inches. Both variants are equipped with a side shelf that may be used for meal preparation or to keep food warm.

Traeger Ironwood

Traeger Pro Series Overview

The pro series grills are among the best-selling pellet grills by the Traeger brand. The Traeger Pro series is indeed a pellet grill series that allows you to fuel your cooking with natural hardwood pellets that are one hundred percent natural. The pro series is an advanced type grill series, and all the grills of this series offer excellent performance.

The most notable feature of this series is that it has several high-quality and versatile performing grills, and all of these are available at a relatively affordable price. Like the Ironwood series, the pro series’ grills also have WiFire technology and feature mobile applications.

Traeger Pro

Traeger Ironwood vs Pro: Comparison Table

SeriesIronwood SeriesPro Series
ProductIronwood 885Ironwood 650Pro 780Pro 575
MaterialsStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Total Capacity885 Sq. In.650 Sq. In.780 Sq. In.575 Sq. In.
Hopper Capacity20 Lbs.20 Lbs.18 Lbs.18 Lbs.
Item Weight175 lbs.149 lbs.146 lbs.128 lbs.
Fuel TypeWood PelletWood PelletWood PelletWood Pellet
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Traeger Ironwood vs Pro: Similarities

Both the Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Pro series pellet grills are popular as well as reliable pellet grills on the market. These two series grills come with several identical features. Let’s take a look at the similarity between Traeger Ironwood vs Pro.

1. Temperature Range

The temperature range is one of the significant aspects that are comparable between the Traeger Ironwood and the Traeger Pro. Absolutely! The temperature ranges offered by the Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Pro series grills are comparable. All four grills, ranging from the Pro 575 to the Ironwood 885, have a maximum temperature of 500 degrees across the board.

The maximum temperature for Pro Series models was 450 degrees. Traeger eventually changed its mind, giving the 500-degree highest temperature option to all 2nd gen Pro Series machines via a downloadable software update. Both the Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Pro pellet grills feature 180 to 500 degrees of temperature settings.

2. Turbo Temp Technology

Turbo Temp Technology is one of the advanced features for both Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Pro pellet grills. Yes! Both the pro series and Ironwood series feature Turbo Temp Technology. Working with wood pellet grills can be more complicated since it takes too much time to head up as well as reach your desired temp.

However, turbo temp technology has completely prevented this problem. It is such a kind of technology that helps the pellet grills to heat up quickly. The outcome will be items that are precisely cooked but never scorched. Consequently, it will let you start grilling more safely and promptly. The Ironwood and Traeger Pro grills both have TurboTemp heating characteristics.

3. WiFire Technology and App

WiFire technology is one of the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking technologies that has ever been developed for the grill platform. You will have a greater degree of control over the grill as a result of this type of cutting-edge technology. However, you don’t need to be next to the grill in order to operate it since this technology enables you to do it from a distance.

Both the Traeger Ironwood and Pro series grills come with WiFire technology. However, these grills also have an application that you can download and install on your smartphone to control the grill with your phone. All these advanced technologies make it easier to control the temperature and enjoy a rich cooking experience.

4. Excellent Portability

Are you seeking such a king of pellet grill that is too much easy to transport? When you purchase a grill, you would like to be able to take it camping or on trips with you. If portability is your main concern, then both these two series’ grills can help you. Yes! Both Traeger Ironwood and Pro series grills come with excellent portability features.

Each of these two series of grills has a durable as well as lightweight design. They also feature durable as well as versatile wheels. The Traeger Pro can be folded up like luggage and includes fold-down legs. The Ironwood is portable because of its wheels and handle. This implies that either pellet grill would be excellent to bring along on your next excursion.

Traeger Ironwood vs Pro: Key Differences

While there are some similarities between Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Pro series pellet grills, there are also some significant differences between them. Now let’s take a look at the Traeger Ironwood vs Pro Key Differences.

1. Cooking Capacity

The first and foremost difference between Traeger Ironwood and Pro is cooking capacity. The Ironwood grills beat the Pro series in terms of the cooking surface. Yes! The Traeger Ironwood grills have much more cooking area than the Pro Series grills. To clarify this point more clearly, we can compare two of the best grills from these two series.

Ironwood 885 is the best grill of the Ironwood series, while the Pro 780 is the best grill of the Pro series. The Ironwood 885 has a total of 885 square inches of cooking area. On the other hand, the Pro 780 has a total of 780 Square inches of cooking area. That means there are 105 inches of cooking area differences between these two.

It’s not just that there is a difference in cooking capacity between these two products. We can see the same difference if we think of the Ironwood 650 and the Pro 575. And the difference in the Cooking Capacity of these two products is about 75 square inches.

2. Hopper Capacity

Hopper Capacity is one of the considerable features of each and every type of pellet grill. The more hopper capacity grills have, the longer they will let you cook. In other words, the grill that features an extended hopper capacity will let you cook much longer by supplying power. However, hopper capacity makes these two grills different from each other.

All the Traeger Ironwood series grills exceed the Pro series grills in terms of hopper capacity. Yes! The Ironwood series grills have extended hopper than the Pro Series. Each and every Ironwood grills feature 20 pounds of hopper capacity. On the other hand, the Pro series’ grills come with 18 pounds of hopper capacity.

3. User Interface

The user interface of the Ironwood series grills is more versatile than the Pro Series. In comparison to the Ironwood series controller, the Pro series controller does not feature nearly as many control buttons. In addition, the Ironwood has controls that allow for ‘standby’ and ‘keep warm’ operating modes and a timer button.

4. Side Shelf Design

Your grilling experience may be much easier and more pleasurable if you have a handy spot to keep your cooking equipment. The side shelf that attaches to the Traeger Ironwood is ideal for holding this equipment, and it features built-in hooks that make it simple to hang the grilling tools as well as brushes. This side shelf is absent from the Traeger Pro grills.

The pellet grills in the Pro series include a little handle in place of a shelf so that it is much easier to empty the hopper and shift the grill to a completely different location. This makes the grill considerably more versatile. When deciding between these grills, it is necessary for you to prioritize the features that are most important to you. These features include integrated shelf storage and easier lifting.

5. Smoke Settings

Both the Traeger Pro and the Ironwood are equipped with a smoke option that enables you to get the ideal level of smokiness for the meal you’re cooking. The Ironwood has a smoke level that is somewhat lower than what is available on the Pro. In spite of this, both of them are still highly skilled at generating the appropriate quantity of smoke.

In both situations, the settings are straightforward: after determining the desired temperature, you just let the smoker do its job on its own. In terms of the overall smokey taste, we believe the Ironwood performs a little better job overall. However, the distinction is not significant, and either smoking will provide excellent outcomes for you.

6. Price

The price is the last thing that sets the Traeger Ironwood and Pro series grills apart from each other. In terms of affordability, the Traeger Pro Series grills beat the Ironwood series. Yes! The Pro series grills are much more affordable than the Ironwood series grills. To clarify this thing more clearly, we can compare individual products from these two series.

Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill is the most affordable grill in the Ironwood series. On the Other hand, Traeger Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill is the most inexpensive grill in the Pro Series. Both these two grills come with almost the same features and functionalities. They also offer almost the same performance. However, The Pro 575 is around $500 less expensive than the Ironwood 650.

Traeger Ironwood vs Pro: Which Series Should You Go?

Both the Ironwood and the Pro series have several excellent pellet grills. However, each grill associated with these two series has several individual features. If you are looking for a compact and lightweight grill and have a budget issue, then the Pro series is the way you should go.

However, I’ll advise you to give an Ironwood model some serious thought if you would like to do a lot of “low and slow” cooking. Mostly as a result of the advantages of the downdraft emissions on the Traeger Ironwood 650 and also 885 model, albeit partially as a result of the twin-wall insulation.

The FAQs

Is the Ironwood Better than the Pro?

Ironwood pellet grills come with much more advanced features than the Pro series. These grills have extended cooking surfaces as well as a more versatile control panel. However, the Pro series is more affordable than Ironwood Series. Overall, both these two series meet the best value for money.

Is the Ironwood 650 Worth It?

A serious, all-purpose, wood pellet-fired BBQ barbecue, the Traeger Ironwood 650. It makes it easy to prepare almost anything outdoors for a big group of people. Additionally, it has excellent build quality and an unmatched selection of fuels and accessories. Overall, it is a versatile grill that you can try.

Is Traeger Better than Weber?

Traeger will nearly always prevail in a contest between it and Weber. Weber charcoal smokers often provide a taste that is so powerful that it totally overpowers the meat. However, the Traeger smokers’ hardwood pellets will give a considerably more subdued flavor.

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