Nzxt H500 vs H510: Which One Is the Best Desktop Casing

September 13, 2022
Nzxt H500 vs H510
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This NZXT H500 vs H510 comparison is going to discuss two of the best casings powered by NZXT. NZXT has taken desktop casing to a whole new level with their H-Series cases. H500 and H510 are two of their most popular and top-selling case models. Compact in size, simple and modern design, and versatile in useability make them editor choices.

So, what are the differences between NZXT H510 vs H500? Although the H500 and H510 models are almost the same in features and functionalities, they have some basic differences. The main difference between NZXT 510 and H500 is in the I/O panel. While the H510 offer Type-A and Type-C port, the H500 offer only Type-A ports.

NZXT H510 also outperforms H500 in terms of motherboard selection as well as air circulation system. So, how did H510 beat H500 in motherboard selection and air circulation? Continue reading this article to explore those things.

NZXT H500 Review: Most Versatile Casing

Are you seeking a compact and versatile mid-tower gaming case that will ensure a straightforward PC build experience? If you are, then NZXT 500 is one of the perfect ways to go through. It is a versatile cashing that you can use to build a PC for any purpose. With liquid cooling support, cable management, and the glass panel, this case is one of our editor’s choices.


Ergonomic Design

The NZXT H500 case displays a great appearance that will give your entire build a quality outlook. Its durable and compact design really ensures an ergonomic look. With no exception, the NZXT wordmark, centred towards the bottom, the front panel of the casing is nearly totally blank. As you might anticipate from a contemporary case design that prioritizes space. The arrangement of the motherboard, fans, expansions, and PSU on the case’s back is very conventional.

Impressive Build Quality

NZXT 500 PC case features an impressive build quality. This top-quality case comes with durable and premium quality side-tempered glass that makes the inside highly visible. As a result, you will be able to make your RGB build visible to everyone. Without the glass panel, this case has an all-steel build that makes it highly durable. The motherboard plate, as well as the PSU shroud, are thick enough; however, the fan mount is a bit flimsy. The motherboard frames back have several straps and grooves that make it simple to handle thick wire bundles.

Air Circulation

The front panel of this H500 case does not accommodate any air intake vents due to a design decision. The vents are now located on the side panel, closer to the front. A single 120 or even 140mm exhaust fan is supported on the top panel. One is already pre-installed, and you can install another fan at the back of the casing. You can also install two 120mm fans in the front panel that will ensure great air circulation.

Other Features

NZXT H500 is one of the best compact-size PC cashing, without any doubt. This case comes with everything that a gamer can expect from a high-end gaming PC case. In the port selection, it has a couple of Gen 1 USB 3.1 type A ports and an Audio/Mic port on the top panel. This gaming case supports only ATX motherboards.


  • It comes with a durable and minimalistic design
  • This case ensures a great cable management system
  • You can use this versatile PC case for any purpose
  • NZXT H500 PC case ensures the best value for money


  • There will be some dust as well as ventilation problems.

Final Takes

The NZXT H500 is one of the few PC cases at this price that successfully combines quality, style, and functionality into a single unit. Although optimizing airflow may take a little more preparation and consideration due to its tiny shape and basic aesthetic, the ultimate product will most likely have been worthwhile.

NZXT H510 Review: Ergonomic PC Casing

The H510 is another best and most popular desktop casing of the H-series powered by NZXT. With the exception of none, this premium quality case has a compact, simple yet eye-catching design. Relatively bigger in dimension compared to H500, this case comes with three different versions. From the cooling system to cable management, everything has been managed in an outstanding way in this case.


Stunning Design

Let’s talk about the design of this Mid Tower Case. The NZXT H-series is renowned for its simple, elegant design, and the NZXT H510 is no different. In simple words, this H510 PC case comes with a stunning design that will take your entire build to a whole new level. This high-quality desktop casing has a mesh front panel and a tempered glass side panel. The H510 series casing is available in matte white, matte red and matte black colors.

Top-notch Build Quality

All the NZXT H-series desktop casing features a durable and high-quality build. Like others on the H-series, this H510 comes with a durable and premium quality tempered glass side panel. However, the ELITE version of this case has a tempered glass front panel, while the FLOW version features a mesh front.

The other parts have been manufactured with premium steel material that makes the case impressively durable. The power supply installation slot is still completely conventional and is located at the very bottom of the case. The cable management compartment also has all features to manage all the cables easily.

Air Circulation

The NZXT H510 case has great cooling possibilities; however, the cooling system may vary based o the available version. The Flow version ensures the most air circulation since it has a mesh front. However, on the Flow and Elite versions, you can install two 120mm/140mm fans in the front panel. These versions also let you install a single 120mm fan on the top as well as the rear panel.

Other Features

The NZXT H510 comes with a wise port selection; two USB ports and an Audio Jack port. In the USB port section, you will get a Gen-2 supported USB 3.1 Type-A port and a USB 3.1 Type-C port. Depending on the version, these casings also offer built-in RGB lights. In terms of motherboard selection, this PC case supports ATX and also Micro-ATX motherboards.


  • It comes with a modern and eye-catching design.
  • This PC casing ensures an impressive cooling system
  • Some version comes with ergonomic RGB lighting
  • This NZXT desktop casing features a Type-C port


  • The cable management task will be a bit tricky.

Final Takes

Overall, this desktop minimalistic and modern desktop casing can add an exclusive vibe to your entire build. Its glossy aesthetic lets in you exhibit your build, plus its strong frame indicates that it turned into cautiously constructed. Ensuring a good cooling system will enhance the overall computing experience.

NZXT H500 vs H510: Key Comparison

Now it is time to talk about the similarities as well as the differences between these two desktop casings. There are really not too many points of difference between these two, and they are most similar. This comparison will define the similarities and differences between NZXT h500 vs h510 PC cases.

Design and Build Quality

While it comes to the design and builds quality, these two casings are not exceptional. YES! both the H510 and H500 come with almost the same design and build quality. Both of them have glass side-panel and all-steel parts. Both of them are highly durable and long-lasting casings. Overall, they are very similar in terms of design and build quality.

Input/Output port

It is one of the factors that set these two casings apart from each other. The H510 features one USB Type-C port in addition to the same one as the NZXT H500, which has only featured USB 3.1 type-A connectors. It will enable speedier data transfers between hard drives thanks to its high-speed transport. From this point of view, the H510 is better than H500.

Cooling System

NZXT H510 beat the H500 in terms of the cooling system. In contrast to the H500’s limited water cooling options, the H510 provides both water and also air cooling. Also, the H510 FLOW version comes with a mesh front that ensures much more air circulation inside the case.

Fan Configuration

In terms of configuring Fan, both these two casings offer the same advantage. Both the H500 and H510 let you install two 120mm or 140mm fans at the front panel. You can also install a 120mm fan on the top panel and another 120mm fan on the rear panel. You get a respectable airflow, and the twin configuration can be a fantastic method to filter out the heated air.

Motherboard Support

The H500 model comes with a limited motherboard selection. This model support only ATX motherboards. On the other hand, the H510 model supports ATX, Mini-ITX as well as Micro ATX motherboards. From this point of view, the H510 is clearly the winner.

NZXT H500 vs H510: Which one is best?

There aren’t many distinctions between these two situations, but depending on your particular tastes, you could choose one over the other. Some individuals like some qualities over others. Because the NZXT H500 only has a single USB 3.1 port and the H510 has four sophisticated I/0 ports, the NZXT H510 is clearly the victor in the eyes of our evaluation team.

Additionally, the H510 provides both water and air cooling, whereas the H500 only provides water cooling. Despite having a simple look, the H510 provides a greater value than its rival. So, if you have no budget problems, H510 is the best way to go through. Otherwise, you can go for H500; it also offers the best value for money.

The FAQs

Is the NZXT H510 good?

The NZXT H510 is a fantastic mid-tower chassis that anybody can use to quickly and easily assemble a stylish PC setup. We think it’s among the greatest PC cases money can buy, as well as NZXT has released a new one with improved ventilation.

Are NZXT cases any good?

These cases are nicely made, have great functionality, and are reasonably priced. The NZXT H510, in our opinion, is a reliable case for the majority of folks wanting to create a mid-range PC right now. For any PC construction, you may also choose the H500 variant of the case.

Wrap Up

According to this comparison between NZXT H500 vs H510, both these two are high-quality desktop casing. Both these two come with simple yet modern and sleek designs. Both come in a compact size and will add an exclusive outlook to your entire build.

However, the H510 model outperforms H500 in terms of the cooling system, motherboard support as well as I/O ports. So, if you don’t concern about your budget, you should invest in the NZXT H510 desktop casing. But if you have budget issues, you can go for the NZXT H500. Both of them ensure the best value for money.

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