HE4XX vs HD6XX: Best Entry-Level Headphones 2023

October 25, 2022
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HIFIMAN vs SENNHEISER or HE4XX vs HD6XX, which one is best as an entry-level headphone? Both HIFIMAN and SENNHEISER are reputed headphone manufacturers in the world, and they manufacture premium quality and high-performing headphones. HIFIMAN HE4XX and SENNHEISER HD6XX are two of the best entry-level headsets on the market. While these two headphones offer outstanding performance, you may ask which one you should go for.

Both the HIFIMAN HE4XX and SENNHEISER HD6XX are entry-level headsets but offer exclusive performance. Both these two have a simple yet modern design and durable build quality. Both of them provide excellent audio quality with better bass, mid and treble. But when it comes to comparing these two, the HD6XX always stays the upper hand.

YES! The SENNHEISER HD6XX headphones are more advanced in quality, durability, and comfort than the HIFIMAN HE4XX. The HD6XX also ensures better sound performance comparing the HE4XX headphones. The HD6XX headsets offer great bass, mid-range, and treble accuracy than HE4XX to ensure superior music streaming performance.

But when it comes to the pricing, the HE4XX gives more advantages since it is more affordable than HD6XX. However, the HD6XX is priced reasonably for the quality and performance it gives you. So, which one should you purchase? Continue browsing this article to identify which headset is best for you.

HIFIMAN HE4XX Headphone Overview

HIFIMAN HE4XX is a game-changing budget Headphone that offers superb performance. This open-back headset is a result of a collaboration between Massdrop and HIFIMAN. These planar-magnetic, open-ended 4XX headphones include improvements to their acoustic performance and build quality. This one is among the least expensive ways to enter the arena of planar-magnetic headsets.

The HE4XX has an ergonomic, aesthetic design with a highly durable build. This headphone comes with a combinational build of metal and plastic. So, you don’t have to worry about durability, and you can use it for any purpose. However, some users claimed that the connection between earcups and headband tends to unscrew over time.


The earcups padding is constructed of a blend of leather around the outside and velour on the area that meets your skin. Your ears won’t even be close to contacting the driver, thanks to the wide earcups. The metal headband has leather padding that offers extreme comfort for shortage times like 1 to 2 hours. But it is not much comfortable for more prolonged use.

Although it is a budget headphone by HIFIMAN, it offers really excellent audio performance. This sound is open, transparent, and smooth. Like with other HIFIMANs, the soundstage isn’t particularly broad or profound, but it is unquestionably better. Most people who aren’t genuine bass enthusiasts will be satisfied if you enjoy your bass with this.

The overall bass quality is really excellent. However, the mid-range of this headset is superb. Vocal and instrumental parts are really super clear as well as crisp. Overall, you will get an impressive music-listening experience with these HIFIMAN HE4XX super duper headphones. However, it lacks noise cancellation.

Key Features


Highlighted Features

  • It features an ergonomic and sleek design with a durable build
  • It is comfortable as well as ensures a secure fitting over your head
  • This headset offers excellent overall performance for the value
  • It is an affordable headset, but its performance is really amazing


  • Durable and elegant design
  • Offer neutral sound quality
  • It is affordable in price


  • It lacks bass accuracy.

Final Takes

The HIFIMAN HE4XX is a budget Headphone that offers excellent performance. With an ergonomic design and highly durable build, this headset offers good enough comfort. It provides excellent sound quality to ensure an exclusive music streaming experience for the users. If you are looking for an affordable yet better-performing headphone, you should consider this one.

SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphone Overview

SENNHEISER HD6XX is a mid-budget high-quality open-back Headphones. In fact, HD6XX is a headset that has been manufactured in collaboration between Sennheiser and Massdrop. It is an impressive headset that offers really excellent sound quality. The HD6XX is a great starting point for anybody seeking to enter the world of premium audio.

In terms of design and build, this SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphone comes with a stunning build with a simple and elegant design. This headset has been designed with a combination of premium-quality metal and plastic materials. To assist safeguard the drivers, they include big ear cups that have an outside metal grille. The overall build quality of the HD6XX is really durable and long-lasting.


SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones also perform well when it comes to comfortability and useability. It comes with more prominent and well-padded ear cups that will ensure a soft and smooth touch to your ear. The headband has advanced padding to guarantee secure and comfortable fittings. This headset is lightweight and provides excellent comfort for day-to-day use.

Like other SENNHEISER headphones, the HD6XX also offers a neutral and balanced sound profile. This feature makes this SENNHEISER suitable and perfect for streaming different music. Their wide-open soundstage might contribute to a more engaging listening experience. Although the low bass of this headphone is underemphasized, the overall bass, mid, and treble are excellent.

The vocal and instrumental parts all are crisp and clear. They have a wider and more open soundstage compared to closed-back headphones. However, as an open-back headset, it lacks noise isolation as well as leakage. Overall, the SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones ensure an excellent music streaming experience.

Key Features

Sennheiser Hd6xx

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a simple yet premium-quality design.
  • It is highly durable and ensures excellent comfort
  • It provides a neutral and balanced sound performance
  • It ensures great bass, mid-range, and treble accuracy


  • Simple yet ergonomic design
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality


  • This headphone lacks noise isolation.

Final Takes

The SENNHEISER HD6XX is excellent quality headphones that ensure exclusive music performance. It comes with a stunning design and builds and provides great comfort to use all day long. The HD6XX headset offers neutral and balanced audio quality with good enough bass, mid, and treble accuracy. Overall, it ensures an excellent music streaming experience.

HE4XX vs HD6XX: Comparison

In this HE4XX vs HD6XX comparison, I’ll go through all the key differences between these two headphones that will help you understand which one is best for you. So, let’s take a look at the key differences between these two best entry-level headsets.

Design and Build Quality

Both the HIFIMAN HE4XX and the SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones come with simple yet elegant designs. Both these two headsets have been constructed with a combination of premium quality and durable plastic and metal materials. This type of build makes these headsets relatively lightweight as well as highly durable.

Both these two headsets have bigger earcups and durable headbands. However, the HD6XX outperforms the HE4XX in terms of design and build. The HD6XX comes with much bigger earcups than the HE4XX headsets. The padding quality of the HD6XX is more advanced than the HE4XX. So, the overall design and build of SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones are really stunning than HE4XX.


Comfort is one of the notable features that you should consider to buy a headset. Both these two headsets offer excellent comfort to use. However, the SENNHEISER HD6XX headphones outperform the HIFIMAN HE4XX Headphones in terms of comfort. YES! The SENNHEISER HD6XX headphones offer much more comfort than the HIFIMAN HE4XX Headsets.

Both these two headphones feature excellent padding; however, the padding quality of the HD6XX is much more advanced than the HE4XX. While the HE4XX offers comfort for a limited time, the HD6XX provides comfort for longer use. So, you will not feel bored all day long with music streaming with the HD6XX headphones. Overall, the HD6xx is the winner in terms of comfortability.

Sound Quality

Now is the most important thing, the overall sound quality. Both headsets are excellent. They both are excellent. The He4xx, however, can produce less bass than the HD6xx. It isn’t at all awful. Maybe if you’re used to listening to music that is really loud and like hearing even the smallest beat, then they are prohibited.

The sound quality of the HD6xx is superior. Poor compared to the previous series. They are unquestionably superior to the HE4xx. They have a lot of volume, as well as the bass accuracy is really noticeable. However, due to that, songs could tend to change. Similar to how certain songs could be better than others.


The HE4XX and HD6XX headphones are wired headphones and have a removable cable system. The HE4XX’s short cord could make music streaming at a desk too challenging and difficult. The cable is easily replaced and removable, which is a nice thing.

The SENNHEISER HD6XX headphone’s cable is still somewhat lengthy, although it is now shorter than it was for earlier versions. It will work nicely as well as perfectly on PCs and phones alike for gamers as well as broadcasters out there, making a terrific buddy.

Headphone Pricing

Pricing is a significant thing that you should consider before investing in a new headset. There are a lot of headsets on the market with different pricing. However, you may not be willing to purchase a headset that is expensive but doesn’t offer advanced features and functionalities. You should get a pair of headphones that meet the best value for money.

Regarding the pricing between these HE4XX vs HD6XX headphones, the HIFIMAN HE4XX gives you more advantage. YES! The HE4XX is more affordable than the HD6XX headsets, making it a more budget-friendly option over the HD6XX. However, the HD6XX also meets the best value for money since it has more advanced features than HE4XX.

Wrap Up: Which One is Best?

Now you may ask which one is the best entry-level headset between these two. Both these two headsets are excellent performing entre-level headsets on the market. This HIFIMAN HE4XX and SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones come with excellent design and durable and long-lasting build quality. They offer exceptional comfort for day-to-day use.

Both these headsets offer stunning audio quality with good enough bass, mid-range, and treble accuracy. Both of them offer you a great music streaming experience. But in terms of overall performance (from design to music Performance), the SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones outperform the HIFIMAN HE4XX headphones.

YES! The HD6XX comes with an advanced design as well as exclusive build quality than HE4XX headphones. The SENNHEISER HD6XX Headphones also ensure much more comfort than the HIFIMAN HE4XX Headsets. So, this headset will let you enjoy your favorite music without feeling bored.

Regarding the music quality, the HD6XX again outperforms the HE4XX headset. YES! The HE4XX lacks bass accuracy; however, the HD6XX offers great bass accuracy, ensuring a great music listening experience. The HE4XX only gives you an advantage in terms of pricing. The HE4XX headsets are available at a more affordable price than the HD6XX.

However, both these two headsets ensure the best value for money. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly headset that can provide you with better performance, the HE4XX is the best way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for professional quality headphones without thinking about your bank, the HD6XX is the way to go through.

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