Focal Clear vs Hd800s: Which One You Should Buy?

September 22, 2022
Focal Clear vs Hd800s
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Can’t decide which headphones you should buy between Focal clear vs HD800s? Want to know what is the basic difference between these two headphones and which one is the best? The Focal Clear and Sennheiser are the two most popular and trustable headphone brands, and Focal clear vs HD800s are two of the best headphones from these two brands.

Both these two headsets are premium-quality and high-performing headsets on the market. These two offer impressive audio streaming experiences to the users by providing great audio performance. However, there are some differences between these two headsets.

In fact, the HD800s has better audio performance compared to Focal Clear since it has improved bass and treble accuracy than focal clear. The HD800s also come with a more ergonomic and durable build and offer much more comfort to the users. However, the Focal clear outperform the HD800s in terms of compatibility since HD800s can’t work with affordable devices.

However, both of them meet the best value for money. So, which one should you go for between these two high-performing headsets? Continue browsing this article to get the perfect idea about these two headsets, and then take a wise decision.

Focal Clear Headphone Overview

Focal clear is a high-performing headphone that ensures a superior music experience. It is an excellent headphone that comes with a quality build and has an excellent appearance. It maintains the classy aesthetic of top-tier professional headphones yet shouts industrial. Excellent durability, comfortability, and stunning sound quality make this headphone editor’s choice.

This Focal clear headphone comes with relatively bigger ear cups that feature an ergonomic design. It also has good enough breathability and offers excellent fittings. It’ll provide you with a comfortable feel over your ear and let you use longer time. The headband of this headphone is also excellent and ensures secure fitting overhead. Overall, it’ll provide you with a comfortable feel over your ear and let you use longer time.

Focal Clear Headphone

The sound signature of the Focal Clear is warm. They don’t have as much deep bass as you may anticipate from open-back headsets. It also has a reduced treble range, making lead instruments and vocalists appear veiled. Having said that, they are nevertheless appropriate for a range of audio materials despite their lack of sound-enhancing tools.

In terms of bass accuracy, this headphone offers relatively balanced bass quality. However, Focal clear headphone has an outstanding performance in mid-accuracy, but the treble accuracy is disappointing. As is anticipated with open-back headsets, the Focal Clear offer poor noise isolation, and leakage audio. Overall, it is an amazing headphone that you can get.

Key Features

Focal Clear

Highlighted Features

  • This headset has a sturdy build with a simple yet ergonomic design
  • Flexible and Comfortable ear cup and headband ensure secure fittings
  • It offers balanced sound with good bass, mid and also treble accuracy
  • This headphone provides an incredibly immersive listening experience


  • It comes with a durable and elegant design
  • It provides a relatively balanced sound quality
  • This headphone includes a durable carry case


  • This headphone has poor noise isolation.

Overall Takes

Focal Clear is an excellent headphone that provides exclusive performance to music lovers. It comes with a simple yet sleek design with a premium quality build. While excellently durable, it offers a comfortable feel over your head. It also ensures neutral music with good enough bass and table accuracy. Overall, this headphone offers the best value for the money you pay for it.

Sennheiser HD800S Headphone Overview

The Sennheiser HD800S is a super-performing headset that will take your audio streaming to a whole new level. The HD800S has a streamlined, elegant design that is dichromatic in silvery and black. Although it is primarily made of plastic to reduce weight, there are scattered pieces of metal components. Excellent construction that doesn’t creak gives off a confident vibe.

The cushioned part on the adjustable headband featuring laser engraving is constructed of plastic and metal as well as the padding is removable. The spacious ear cups feature a limited range of swivels and a soft microfiber cushion that is also replaceable. The exterior insulation is cozy and lessens vibrations like footsteps that affect the sound.

Sennheiser HD800S Headphone

Given the HD 800S’s pricing point, it is understandable that it has been created to satisfy the highest standards. It offers excellent sound performance for music lovers who are audiophiles. This flagship headphone offers a neutral sound quality. With instruments and voices, it has a well-balanced mid-accuracy that isn’t very front sounding.

It also has enough bass to accommodate the majority of musical genres; however, some will miss the low-end thud and rumble. The HD800s headset increases resolution while adding a tiny bit more detail to the lower end of the spectrum. Additionally, you hear what seems to be a slightly relaxed tone as you approach the top end of the frequency spectrum.

Key Features

Sennheiser HD800S

Highlighted Features

  • The Sennheiser HD800s feature a simple yet eye-catching design
  • It has a highly durable build quality and offers excellent comfort
  • This headset has well-balanced bass, treble as well as mid-accuracy
  • Ensure a great streaming experience with neutral audio performance


  • Comes with a durable and comfortable design
  • It ensures the balanced and neutral audio quality
  • It is excellent in the bass, mid and treble accuracy.


  • This headphone lacks noise cancellation.

Overall Takes

Sennheiser HD800S is a premium-quality, high-performing Over-the-Ear headphone that ensures a great audio streaming experience. Elegant design, durable build, good enough comfortability, and excellent breathability make it one of the best headsets on the market. Its balanced audio quality with excellent bass and treble accuracy will take your music streaming experience to a whole new level.

Focal clear vs HD800s: Comparison

Here in this section, I’ll compare all the key features of these two headphones from two reputed brands. So, let’s explore this comparison to understand the key differences between Focal clear vs HD800s headphones.

Design and Build Quality

Design and build quality are notable things that you should consider seriously before investing in a new headset. Both these two headphones come with a quality design with a high-end build. Both the Focal clear and HD800s have simple yet elegant designs. Both of them feature durable metal and plastic build.

In terms of durability, both these two headsets perform well; in fact, they are all the same in terms of build quality. However, the HD800s come with relatively bigger ear cups than Focal clear. Both these two features smooth cushioned headband that makes them comfortable to use. Overall, both these two items have an excellent appearance and quality build.

Comfortability and Breathability

Headphones that are highly comfortable and breathable will let you use them for a longer time. On the other hand, a headphone that is not comfortable and breathable will feel boring to use. So, it would help if you got a headset that is excellently breathable and comfortable.

Both these two headsets have done a good job in terms of comfortability and breathability. Both these two headphones have good breathability, and they offer excellent comfortability. Both these two are suitable to use longer time with maximum comfort.

However, in terms of comfortability, HD800s outperform the Focal Clear headphones. It comes with a larger earcup than Focal clear that will fit most people. The headband of this headset is also flexible and can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.


The focal clear beat the HD800s headset in terms of compatibility. Focal Clear headphones have higher compatibility than the HD800s. However, Sennheiser HD800S Headphone is not far away. These two are wired headphones and have no Bluetooth connection system.

Due to its lower latency, the HD800s is ideal for gaming as well as a home theater. The device comes with a 1/4’TRS audio cable and only works when it is plugged into the console. However, the impedance of the HD800S headphones is 300 ohms. Sadly, these might not work with inexpensive devices.

On the other hand, the Focal Clear Headphones’ exceptional impedance necessitates the use of a head amplifier. This headset function well with any gadgets, from expensive to affordable one. So, you don’t have to be concerned about compatibility with these headphones.

Audio Performance

Audio quality is a much more critical thing among others that you should consider to buy a new headset. In terms of audio quality, the HD800s outperform the Focal clear. The Sennheiser HD800S Headphone delivers stunning audio quality. This headphone offers a neutral and balanced audio quality that will provide you with a great experience.

This headset has exceptional frequency response consistency. This headset features 3 dB of maximum bass fluctuation, and its bass output is enjoyable above 40Hz. The mid-accuracy and treble accuracy are also exceptional. The soundstage is excellent and large because of the strong PRTF reaction.

The Focal Clear Headphones provide barrier-free music streaming. You are able to link it with any adapter or device that you wish to use to listen to music. The gadget provides you with an outstanding sound flow. It has excellent mid-accuracy and is extremely airy. In general, the Sennheiser model performs somewhat better in this area during the critical portions of the whole audio experience.

Pricing Tag

Price is the last thing that makes a difference between Focal clear vs HD800s headphones. The Focal clear headset is much more affordable than the Sennheiser HD 800S. According to my comparison above, the HD800s outperforms the Focal clear in terms of audio quality, and it offers much-improved bass, treble, and mid accuracy than the Focal clear.

So, the HD800s can be more expensive than the Focal clear. There is around a $500 price difference between these two headsets. However, both these headphones offer the best value for money. So, you can’t go wrong with them.

Wrap up: Which One Is Best?

It is a frequently asked question which headphone is the best Focal clear vs HD800s, and which one should I get? The HD800s and Focal Clear are high-performing headsets that ensure a great audio streaming experience. Both these two headsets offer a balanced and neutral audio performance.

However, the Sennheiser HD800S Headphone offers great audio performance than the Focal clear. It boasts amazing sound reproduction, according to measurements. The mid-range has a good sense of balance and doesn’t sound aggressive. Additionally, you’ll see that the model has a lot of basses.

You may enjoy a cozy fit and rich sound with the Focal Clear Headphones. Lack of deep bass and a strong treble emphasis are also problems. It has a constant bass output that is also influenced by fit. However, it is a much more affordable option than the HD800s headset.

So, if you are looking for a headset that will provide impressive audio quality with quality bass and treble, then Sennheiser HD800S Headphone is for you. On the other hand, Focal Clean is the best option for you if you are looking for a pro-quality headset that can also offer you maximum music streaming performance at a relatively low cost.

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