Dagger Rewind vs Axiom: Which One Should You Buy?

June 5, 2022
Dagger Rewind vs Axiom
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Are you looking for the best whitewater kayak? In the world of kayaks, Dagger opens the potential window in the whitewater kayaker’s community by releasing several advanced whitewater kayaks. Dagger Rewind and Dagger Axiom are two of the best whitewater kayak series among them.

While Rewind is the latest whitewater kayak series by Dagger, the question is, which one is better Dagger Rewind vs Axiom? Here in this article, we’ll go through these two-kayak reviews that will help you to understand the difference between these two kayaks. So, let’s dig into these two whitewater kayaks.

Dagger Rewind

Dagger Rewind is an award-winning kayak that is brand new and instantly classic. The Rewind is the perfect downriver playboat for kayakers of all levels, delivering everything a contemporary whitewater kayak should. River-piercing skills are combined with exhilarating playability that enables you to add whole new techniques to your repertoire.

Dagger Rewind

Ergonomic Design

The Dagger Rewind features an ergonomic design. The bow of this kayak is great, but the rear of this kayak is where everyone gets excited. Pivot, squirt, and go vertical are all feasible with the Rewind. The Rewind’s stern cuts more smoothly from any angle. Because the Rewind’s gentler edges don’t collect much water, it’s great for racing steeper, creakier rivers.

Safer Outfitting

The Rewind is outfitted with Dagger’s Contour Ergonomic Creek outfitting, readily adjusted. With a step-out wall and a flexible volume foot bracing with toe cups, the creaking outfitting is more rugged. This will give paddlers even more confidence while navigating the Rewind through more difficult rapids. Dagger has stressed river running as well as downriver eddyline play attributes above playboating and surfing features.

Weight Capacity

The Dagger Rewind will be available in three sizes. All size has their specific weight range for paddlers. We sometimes go to extremes in order to fit into a friend’s boat, but that’s beside the matter. The intermediate Rewind whitewater kayak’s ideal paddler weight capacity is 140 lbs – 220 lbs, according to Dagger.


For paddlers looking for a continuous river runner, the Rewind appears to be the best option. The Rewind’s broader stern renders the boat more stable when you’re vertical, and the lengthened bow rocker lets you smash through features.

Unlike specific slicey kayaks, Dagger has placed the cockpit in the middle of the kayak, so it doesn’t seem like one edge is longer than the others. This means you won’t be able to go as fast as other boats, but you’ll have a lot more fun. This kayak will have you laughing all day long while also challenging your paddling abilities.

Key Features

Dagger Rewind

Highlighted Features

  • It was made to surf, squirt, as well as boof, and it does things well.
  • It is particularly well suited for paddling steeper, creakier rivers.
  • This kayak is suitable for whitewater kayakers of all skill levels.
  • Intended for use in teaching whitewater kayaking to youngsters.


  • It is durable and also comfortable
  • It is stable as well as squirts easy
  • Designed for rivers of grade I-V


  • This series is relatively expensive to others.

Dagger Axiom

The Axiom is a lot of fun to paddle since it’s speedy and responsive. It’s lengthier than most current playboats, so catching some of the furious flat waves was a breeze. This kayak excels at everything, from providing a great learning environment for passengers. There are a lot of cool features, and the Axiom is fantastic for stern squirting.

Dagger Axiom

Flexible Design

The Axiom comes with a durable yet lightweight and flexible design. The displacement hull shape and sharp edges provide a thrilling ride on the river and sea waves. Because the Axiom is lighter than the ordinary stream boat, it is much easier to steer and accelerate when needed. When combined with the lower volume tail, it’s straightforward to alter your line on the go.

Excellent Hull and Rocker Profile

Slow, shallow waves may be surfed easily because of the long, fast-planing hull and persistent rocker profile. Running full rapids backward to get a front wave on every riffle is possible, as we discovered when we did. The Axiom is incredibly enjoyable to surf because of its full-length rails, which slice quickly even when just soft edging is applied. Using this boat to ride a wave is like ripping down a super-cruisy blue slope at your local ski resort.

Broad Weight Range

One of the notable features of Dagger Axiom is that it has a broad weight range. Yes! This advanced type of kayak comes in different sizes and has various weight capacities. Ample bow volume allows you to maintain your weight well above the water surface while you are sailing. To put it simply, this kayak is a delight to paddle with no matter what sort of rapids one may be encountering.

Reliable Performance

As a whole, the Axiom is a terrific contemporary interpretation of the tried and tested RPM design. Precision control is provided by the edges, as well as the dynamic stern creates an old-school feel in a contemporary boat. It performs well in all conditions: surfing, ferrying, stern squirting, and paddling. The kayak tries to flip if you lean in the wrong direction since the tail collects water quickly.

It also doesn’t emerge as rapidly in holes as more contemporary boats do, which is a disadvantage. Use of this kayak in rating 3-4 whitewater is ideal because you can truly feel how sharp the edges are all running the length of the kayak, which is perfect.

Key Features

Dagger Axiom

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable outfitting and getting vertical is super easy
  • This kayak comes with more foot space and more volume
  • It features a continuous rocker profile and also a fast-planing hull
  • Dagger Axiom is a solid opportunity for any whitewater kayakers


  • Suitable for larger kayakers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with different size options


  • It is not suitable for grade 5 whitewater.

Dagger Rewind Vs Axiom: Difference

The design and construction of the bow are critical distinctions between the Rewind as well as the Dagger Axiom. The Rewind’s bow has a lot more amplitude than the Axiom’s bow. In more extensive whitewater, this enables the Rewind to outperform the Axiom.

The Rewind has a little longer stern compared to the Axiom, allowing it to move a bit faster. Dagger expanded the breadth of the stern in conjunction with the length, producing a bigger surface area. Paddlers may more easily begin the stern because of the increased surface area. This means that going vertical on stern splatters will be a breeze with the Rewind.

The rocker profile also differs between the Axiom and the Rewind. One major criticism of the Axiom is its lack of bow rockers. The Dagger added a lot of rockers to the Rewind’s bow to help it go over waves as well as holes or even boof a touch easier. Less rocker on the Dagger Axiom makes boof movements more difficult.

Dagger Rewind vs Axiom: Which One Should You Buy?

The Rewind was created to be a better version of the Axiom. Many kayakers are unsure whether the Dagger Rewind or the Dagger Axiom is the superior kayak. The Dagger Rewind, from our perspective, has improved on everything that makes the Dagger Axiom so successful.

I’m not going to argue the Dagger Rewind is a superior kayak to the Axiom in every way. Some kayakers may still appreciate Axiom’s handling of the water. Dagger’s handling of the two ideas will be intriguing to see in the future.

Wrap Up

So, after this review and comparison between Dagger Rewind vs Axiom, you may be clear about the difference between these two whitewater kayaks. And this article may help you to identify which one is the best option for you and will meet all your needs. So, make the right decision and enjoy kayaking.

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